Glamour Girls (2022) summary and ending explained

Glamour Girls is an African drama movie based on the girls working at an exclusive escort service led by an artful woman named Donna. It is now streaming on Netflix. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Forced to provide for her siblings, Emmanuela works as a stripper for Frances but loses her job when one of her client’s bodyguards frames her for theft of his boss’ ring just to cop a feel. 

Frances sends her to Donna, who manages a high-end escort service. She humiliates and insults her but Emmanuela stays determined to work for her. Promising her a job, Donna gives her her card and asks her to leave.

Donna returns home to find her husband, Kenneth, dejected after she failed to make an appearance for their anniversary. He tries to confront her about his suspicions but she walks away. 

Seeing no other way after Donna ignores her calls, Jemma makes her way to Donna’s office where she asks for her help in providing for her son, Ese and her diseased husband. Donna offers to loan her the amount she needs if she returns to her former job as an escort at a get-together for a regular client, Chief Nkem, resulting in Jemma storming out of the office. 

As the sole breadwinner of her house, Emmanuela realises she can not afford to wait any longer and rushes to Donna’s office. Viewing her as a potential replacement for Jemma, Donna hires Emmanuela, changing her name to Emma and giving her a makeover. 

She quickly adjusts to her upgraded lifestyle and meets Donna’s other girls. For Emma’s first lesson as her employee, Donna asks her to be intimate with an unamused Kenneth. 

Lulu, one of the girls working for Donna, is hiding her true profession from her husband, claiming to work at a boutique. The feat seems easy to her as he stays in a different country, until he comes down to surprise her. 

Meanwhile, Helion, also known as Hell, another of Donna’s prostitutes, insults her when Donna warns her to quit drugs. Donna reacts with a slap and refuses to let her out of her car until she apologizes. Despite Donna’s warnings, Hell gets wasted, making a scene at the Chief’s party by locking herself in the bathroom. 

After carefully considering Donna’s proposal, Jemma returns to her work and meets Alexander at Chief Nmek’s party. Following him to a room, she does her work after getting over her initial nervousness. 

At the party, Emma runs into Zeribe, the bodyguard who cost her her job. To make it up to her, he introduces her to his Oga, Sheggy, whom she wins over with her knowledge of sports. 

Soon after, she follows him around, spoiled by his expensive gifts and power. He even secures her a job as a bank manager where, unfortunately, she gets insulted for her former profession by a customer’s furious daughter one day.

On finding out, instead of defending her, Sheggy further insults her, ordering her to strip for him. Ashamed, Emma leaves the room, followed by Zeribe who tries to console her and convince her to do as Sheggy says. Sheggy then catches the two sleeping together. 

Meanwhile, Alexander helps Gemma cope with her husband’s death. Hell finds out she is pregnant and decides to leave her job as she plans on raising the baby. Lulu’s husband sees her with a client at a party. 

Armed with a machete, Lulu’s husband follows her to her boutique one day, where he accuses her of cheating on him. Threatening to hit her with his machete, he kicks her down and attempts to make her tell him the truth about her job. On learning the truth, he leaves the country, taking their two kids with him, demanding she keep sending him money. 

Meanwhile, Hell continues using drugs despite being pregnant, resulting in death from an overdose after which a small funeral is held in her memory.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Glamour Girls (2022) ending explained in detail:

A betrayal of trust

One night, Gemma wakes to find Alexander missing. Her search ends in Ese’s room, where he is beating her son. During her struggle to defend herself and her son, Gemma ends up killing Alex. 

She immediately calls Donna for help, who shows up at her house with a couch that they use to transport the body after stuffing it under the cushions.

Alexander’s missing money

At Hell’s funeral, Chief Nkem tells Donna about the unrest among his associates following Alexander’s disappearance. Feeling guilty for dragging Gemma back into the business, Donna covers for her, claiming that she had no involvement in the matter. 

Certain that it is only the lost money that they care about, Donna decides to return the missing money to get the angry wolves off her back.

Gemma recalls the pen drive disguised as a pendant on the gold chain that Alexander was wearing the day they first met, thinking it might have the missing accounts on it. 

Retrieval of the lost money

With Emma, Zeribe, and a hacker’s help, they locate the misplaced money. Chief Nkem walks in on them as soon as they succeed in recovering the money, looking for the pen drive. Zeribe pockets the pen drive and when accused of stealing it, asks the Chief to search Emma, claiming that she has it.

However, this time Emma has swiftly managed to return the pen drive to Zeribe’s pocket, causing him to be deemed the culprit.

In the end, Donna reveals that she returned only 15 billion out of the 21 billion originally found on the pen drive.

Wanting nothing to do with Alexander’s money, Gemma leaves the room while Emma reminds Donna of how she taught her girls to always look out for themselves. However, in the final moments of the episode, Emma is seen returning to the room. 

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