Gia’s death in Boo, Bitch explained: Why did she lie to Erika?

The new supernatural Netflix series Boo, Bitch is centred around the death of the protagonist but attempts to turn the entire narrative around later.

While the first six episodes revolve around the assumption that Erika Vu (Lana Condor) is the one who died at the end of the first episode, it turns out that it was actually Gia (Zoe Colletti).

Gia lied to Erika throughout and led her to believe that she was the actual dead one. But why did she do this exactly? Let’s dissect the character in depth:

The accident

It all starts that fateful night when Erika and Gia were walking after Jake W’s party and decide to ask Jake C and Jake W out for prom, respectively.

However, they are subsequently presumably hit by a car. But in episode 7, it is revealed that the truck actually hit a moose that went flying and took Gia with it, which is why her corpse was buried under it.

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Gia’s death in Boo, Bitch explained: Why did she lie to Erika? 1
Gia and Erika before the fated accident

To make Erika believe that she was the one that died, Gia replaces her shoes with Ericka’s, misleading her.

For the majority of the show, she keeps up the act, encouraging Erika to live life to the fullest and complete her wishes to pass on to the afterlife.

A selfless friend

Before the moose was hit by the car, both try pushing each other away, however, Gia is the one who succeeds, snatching the necklace in the process. This costs her life as the moose hits her directly.

But Gia’s selflessness does not end there. Even after dying, she was worried about how Erika would react to her death, which is why she lied.

Considering Erika’s introverted personality, this was the first time that she had actually gone with the flow. If she realised that her friend died the first time she did, it would hurt her to the extent that she would never take risks again.

Knowing this, Gia pretended Erika was the corpse to help her lose all her inhibitions as believing her time is limited would let her live life to the fullest.

While it wasn’t a well-thought-out plan, seeing how it actually started working and Erika improved her social life, Gia just kept on with the act.

But eventually, she realised that Erika had become a monster. And when the truth came out, it didn’t really affect Erika. All she cared about was the lie.

In the finale, Erika finally understands how Gia has always put her first. And when she arrives at the prom, Erika encourages her to think about herself for once.

Gia’s final moments as a ghost are dancing with Gavin, and becoming a prom queen after Erika urges all the students to revote and dedicate it to her. This is the kind of respect she never got when she was alive. Erika and Gia’s friendship prevails in the end.

Gia’s death in Boo, Bitch explained: Why did she lie to Erika? 2
Gia is overcome with emotion as Erika gives her a send-off

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