G’iah: Secret Invasion character explained

G’iah is a member of the rebel Skrulls, and she is conflicted about her role in their actions, so she tentatively works against them. The character is played by Emilia Clarke.

G’iah is the daughter of Talos and Soren, who joins Gravik’s rebel movement after similarly feeling aggrieved by Nick Fury’s disappearance.

She is loyal to Gravik but doesn’t fully believe in his goals and occasionally questions whether they are doing the right thing. After finding out through Talos that her mother was killed by Gravik’s men, she tells him about their plan for the bombs.

However, Gravik is one step ahead of them, and the plan goes off despite Fury’s presence there. She later asks him how he knew Fury would be there, and he says that he simply had a hunch.

G'iah: Secret Invasion character explained 1
She is always by Gravik’s side

Having a change of heart

Even though Gravik depends on her for important tasks, he does keep her at arm’s length and shows that he doesn’t implicitly trust her. After the meeting with the council, G’iah follows Pagon to the lab and gets her first glimpse of the experiments they’re conducting.

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She tries to dig into it more and lies to Gravik when he walks in on her. While they are out retrieving their captured warrior, she contacts the police anonymously and lets them know where their safehouse is.

G’iah is pulled in two directions because she believes that the Skrulls deserve a home and Nick Fury failed to deliver on his promise but seeing the kind of destruction that Gravik’s actions cause and the fact that her mother was killed on his order raise doubts within her.

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