Ghost ships in 1923 explained

The fifth episode of 1923 sees Spencer, along with Alexandra, embarking on a journey home. On their way, they encounter ghost ships that put them in danger. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+. 

When Spencer finds out about the recent incidents that have wrecked his family in the US, he decides to return home as soon as possible after years of hunting in Africa and living on the edge.

Like his other adventures, Spencer’s homebound journey is not an easy one. This time, it is not a living creature that threatens his and Alexandra’s life, but an inanimate ghost ship.

What is a ghost ship?

On Lucca’s tugboat, Spencer and Alexandra encounter a huge ship that seems to be floating but not moving. Lucca successfully steers the tugboat away and prevents a collision with the ship.

1923 ghost ship
Lucca steers the tugboat away from a ghost ship

Lucca tells them that this is a ghost ship; these are ships that have been abandoned in the middle of the ocean and are still floating due to the current in the channel. These ships pose a great threat to other ships that do not have vigilant captains.

The chilling stories of ghost ships

At night, Lucca recounts a story about Zebrina, which was a ghost ship. It was a British cargo ship that ran aground in France. Lucca tells them about how Zebrina chased the hospital ship that Lucca used to captain for weeks. 

He also tells them about small ghost boats, dinghies and fishing skiffs, he has come across off the coast of Indonesia. They were floating hundreds of miles offshore. They also contained dead bodies that were being feasted upon by the seagulls.

Lucca estimates that there must have been a thousand boats or even more of them. He tells Spencer and Alexandra that he passed them for a week. He calls the incident, which resulted in so many boats being abandoned, strange and mysterious.

The ghost ship that spells disaster

When Lucca is keeping watch, Spencer wakes up to find that the engines of the tugboat are not running. He discovers that Lucca has passed away due to his sickness, and there is no one piloting the boat.

Spencer contacts the distress channel via radio. He soon notices that they are drifting and a huge ghost ship lies in their path. With his limited knowledge, he tries to steer the tugboat away from the ghost ship.

1923 ghost ship
The tugboat collides with a ghost ship

However, Spencer fails to veer the tugboat. The resulting collision overturns their tugboat, with Spencer and Alexandra nowhere in sight. 

Spencer needs to return home, as he is the only Dutton capable of being the leader and protecting the family. It will be revealed in the upcoming episodes whether the couple survived the accident or not, which would also determine the fate of the Duttons. 

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