Seo Geon-Hu: Crash Course in Romance character explained

Geon-Hu arrives in Crash Course in Romance later than others, but soon climbs his way to become a fan-favorite in no time. With his free-spirited athleticism and youthful attitude, Geon-Hu serves as one of the vertices in the show’s most prominent love triangle.

Hae-e is a studious girl and has a pretty solid support system that her tight-knit group of best friends provides her at school. These are Dan-Ji and Sun-Jae. However, Sun-Jae has been harboring romantic feelings for Hae-e for quite some time, which he’s never expressed to her for fear of destroying their friendship in the process.

His hesitation is informed by not just the strength of their friendship, which he fears can attenuate or vanish if he goes forward with his feelings for her, but also by Hae-e’s determination for excelling in her academia.

However, this hesitation turns out to be more and more of a bad decision for Sun-Jae, as a new guy enters their dynamic and openly expresses his crush on Hae-e.

Athletic to academic

Geon-Hu is a baseball player who surprises Hae-e and others when he first appears in Crash Course in Romance, marking his arrival with a cool rescue of Hae-e, who is about to fall backward at the stairs when she slightly trips.

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Although nothing too romantic, Geon-Hu does end up making a visibly significant first impression on Hae-e. While she and Dan-Ji don’t know who the guy is, Sun-Jae is familiar with him and informs his buddies about the guy.

It’s revealed that he never really came to the classes because of his sport but a serious injury made him dip out of his passion, following which he actually begins showing up to the classes again.

A real flirt

Geon-Hu takes little time to grow closer to Hae-e. While Dan-Ji is head over heels for him, he has his eyes on one of the brightest students in the class. So much so that he begins paying attention to his studies, which is incredibly anomalous for a guy like him who doesn’t even have a grasp on basic academic stuff, thanks to an alarming deficit of interest in any of it.

However, he moves forward with his playful tact, intervening with the trio of friends more and more, sitting beside Hae-e, eating from her share of the lunch, among other things. Even for a straight edge studious student like Hae-e, he manages to woo and charm his way through.

Hae-e, Geon-Hu Crash Course in Romance
Image source: Netflix

Eventually, he makes major strides when he asks Hae-e out on a date, in front of the whole class. It hinges on the outcome that involves him getting into a college. Hae-e is often visibly gushing or flushed, even if only slightly, albeit there’s no clear evidence of whether she has any romantic feelings for him or not.

A kind-hearted prospect

Geon-Hu’s arrival gives birth to a love triangle that Sun-Jae dreads the most. He’s always had feelings for his best friend, but never the courage to express them. Many factors hold him back from doing so, one of them being the fear of losing her as a friend as well if things go awry.

However, Geon-Hu’s flirtatious attitude towards Hae-e pushes Sun-Jae’s button, and he often tries to prevent the new guy from hitting on his crush.

His jealousy reaches the point where Sun-Jae even confronts him, confessing to him in the process, that he has feelings for Hae-e. This just makes things exciting for Geon-Hu, who takes it as a challenge and gleefully tells Sun-Jae that only time will tell who Hae-e ends up choosing in the end.

Geon-Hu is also a guy with a kind heart, and even if he’s a romantic rival of Sun-Jae, he has compassion for him as a new friend. In fact, the two boys have at times showcased a sense of brotherhood and have also helped each other out.

While he has taken Hae-e out on a date, Geon-Hu does realize that he’s competing against a guy who has stood by his crush for way longer than he has. In many instances, he’s shown to not be that optimistic regarding his chances with Hae-e.

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