Genevieve: Sweet Magnolias season 3 character explained

In Sweet Magnolias season 3, after his breakup with Helen, a heartbroken Erik meets Genevieve, who makes him laugh again. Nikki Estridge plays the role of Genevieve.

Helen and Erik break up when Helen chooses to give her relationship with Ryan a second chance. Soon after, Erik decides to take some time off from working at Sullivan’s in order to regain focus.

Everyone knows that Erik is going through a hard time, so they walk on eggshells around him, which does not help him. At a time like this, Erik meets Genevieve and tries to move on.

Genevieve’s job at The Corner Spa

Genevieve used to give facials on the NASCAR circuit. As her husband ran a pit crew, her children grew up on the tracks all around the country. Eventually, she got divorced and settled down.

Genevieve started giving facials to her clients out of her home studio in Egret Falls. When her children grew up, she was left all alone in the house, which seemed too quiet to be comfortable.

She now wants to be a part of a team, and that is why she comes to get a job at The Corner Spa. Genevieve is confident and knows what she wants. Furthermore, she will be bringing new clients to The Corner Spa, as her old clients will have to come to the spa to avail of her services.

She impresses Dana Sue, Maddie, and Trotter, and they hire her immediately. Genevieve manages to fit in and make friends in no time. When Bill comes to the spa, she rescues Noreen from the awkward situation by sending her away.

Genevieve loves working for the Magnolias, as she admires the community that they have built. She makes a name for herself through her work, and soon, she has a packed schedule on her hands.

Sweet Magnolias season 3 Genevieve
Genevieve at The Corner Spa

Genevieve and Erik’s relationship

Genevieve meets Erik at Z’s and introduces herself. She flirts with him and makes him laugh, even when he is not in a good mood. When Genevieve gets a job at The Corner Spa, she runs into Erik again.

She offers to take him out for dinner to celebrate, and Erik agrees. Erik gets along with Genevieve and seems to be happy when he is with her. The two of them then start spending more time together.

Finally, Erik asks her out on a date officially, and Genevieve says yes. She thinks that she has met her match. Around the same time, Helen and Ryan break up.

At Dana Sue and Ronnie’s vow renewal ceremony, it seems like Helen and Erik still have feelings for each other, but something, perhaps Erik’s developing relationship with Genevieve, stops Erik from approaching Helen.

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