General Gu Ja-woon: D.P. season 2 character explained

The second season of D.P. introduces the character of General Gu Ja-woon, a high-ranking official who goes to great lengths to cover up military scandals. Ji Jin-hee plays the role of General Gu Ja-woon.

In the second season, Judge Advocate General Gu Ja-woon is extremely concerned about the military’s reputation. With growing concerns regarding the bullying of soldiers in the military, it is imperative that he buries every single scandal.

If the press and human rights groups start poking around, the National Assembly might get involved. General Gu will do whatever is necessary to prevent that, even if it means hurting people.

General Gu kills two birds with one stone

General Gu expects his subordinates to follow in his footsteps and be ruthless when they are dealing with sensitive cases like that of Kim Ru-ri. The deserter is portrayed as a dangerous criminal, and General Gu wants his subordinates to shoot at sight.

Kim Ru-ri needs to be killed, as he might tell the public his side of the story if he lives, which will put the military in a bad light. When Seo Eun fails to order his death, a disappointed General Gu swears at her and gets her discharged from the military. 

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When the Military Human Rights Center files a lawsuit against the government to get compensation for the victims of the military, General Gu becomes more concerned as well as careful than ever before. 

He is sure that Seo Eun must have given the USB, which has classified information regarding the cases that General Gu has manipulated, to Ji-seop, so he sends Ji-seop to GP to reopen the case of Na Jung-seok’s death.

D.P. sesaon 2 General Gu Ja-woon
General Gu asks Ji-seop to reopen Jung-seok’s case

General Gu already knows the truth about Jung-seok’s death as well as the fact that he was Ji-seop’s friend. A frustrated Ji-seop walks into General Gu’s trap when he uses force on Shin A-hwi to get him to reveal the truth.

This gets caught on the cameras placed by General Gu, who had prepared an article about Ji-seop violating human rights in advance. Ji-seop cannot reveal the truth about his friend’s death, as his friend will forever be labeled a tyrant and his parents will stop receiving a pension. 

Everything goes as General Gu had expected. He satisfies the Human Rights Division by having a soldier, who had raised suspicions previously, investigate the case and give the same result as before. At the same time, he leaves Ji-seop and Beom-gu no choice but to return the USB to him. 

General Gu’s desperation

Initially, General Gu seems to be so powerful that he is almost untouchable. However, when Jun-ho decides to expose the secrets on the USB, it becomes evident that he is not almighty.

Ho-yeol gets his superior to confess that General Gu knew the truth about Jung-seok’s death, which he covered up, before he sent Ji-seop to GP. Additionally, he offered him rewards, pressured him, and used his influence to get him to cooperate. Ho-yeol forces General Gu to cancel Jun-ho’s arrest warrant.

As General Gu does not have the USB even on the day of the trial, he silences Seo Eun’s witness. Seo Eun can see that he is desperate, as he is going to fight the case himself and face Seo Eun in court.

When Beom-gu brings the USB as evidence, General Gu, who is usually calm, loses his cool. He screams at Beom-gu but fails to stop him. He regains his composure after the ruling, as he considers it a tie. He leaves the courtroom, but not without reminding Ji-seop that there will be consequences.

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