Gehraiyaan summary and ending explained

‘Gehraiyaan’ is an Amazon Prime Video movie about four people who are confused and are stuck in a cycle of everyday reality, wanting something more from life.


Alisha is a yoga instructor living with her writer boyfriend Karan. They have been dating for 6 years and their relationship has started showing cracks. Karan used to work in the advertising field but he quit his stable job to pursue his passion for writing. Alisha has been trying to develop her own app and is looking for investors.

Together, they don’t make much and are struggling to even pay the bills. Needless to say, both are adjusting with their work and need space and each other at the same time.

Tia is Alisha’s cousin from Los Angeles. She flies down to Mumbai with her real estate agent fiance Zain. Tia’s late father had invested a huge chunk of money in Zain’s business. These two have a comparatively stable and happier relationship.

The two couples meet at a yacht and Alisha and Tia reunite after many years. Alisha, Karan and Tia have known each other since they were kids. While Karan and Tia are close friends, the cousins had failed to stay in touch. The reunion is happy and awkward for them.

While Alisha and Tia are struggling to talk, the conversation between Zain and Alisha flows. Zain is quick to flirt with Alisha. Unhappy with life, work and relationship, she reciprocates. Soon, they are cheating on their partners with each other. Zain also offers to invest in her app.

Despite the ups and downs in their relationship, Karan asks Alisha to marry him and she agrees. But things between them have become worse. Karan makes Tia read his work when he doesn’t let Alisha do the same. He also plans a trip with Tia. Alisha has enough and calls the engagement off.

Zain confronts her and asks her to give him 6 months by which he would return Tia’s money and break things off with her.

If you still have doubts from the ending, here’s a breakdown.

Gehraiyaan ending explained in detail:

Simmering water

After one of Zain and Jitesh’s biggest partners are being investigated for fraud, they figure that it would soon be their turn. Alisha’s studio, where Zain’s company invested, is also sealed for fraud. They need to clear the accounts and they need to be quick. The problem is that no one is ready to invest in their falling company. Only family and friends can rescue their business.

Zain was already planning to pay Tia back so that he and Alisha can finally be together. The mission now doesn’t just need to be aborted, rather, they need Tia more than ever. Looking back at his hard work, Zain decides that it is easier to lie to Alisha and break his promise than leave Tia and her money.

Jitesh keeps pressuring Zain to extort money from Tia else they’ll be under the bus. So, he takes Tia on a weekend vacation. Tia starts suspecting that her fiance is having an affair and very conveniently, now that he needs money, he has time and interest in her life. Zain very slyly gets out of the situation. Alisha keeps threatening him that she’ll tell Tia about their relationship. Also, she is pregnant with his child.


Zain is beaten like a drum from each side. Jitesh asks him to take care of Alisha. Her father decides to visit his daughter in Mumbai and upon arrival sees Zain leave her house.

He lies to Alisha that Tia denied keeping her beach house on mortgage and that they won’t be getting any more money from her. They plan a romantic night at a yacht. But Zain’s messages reveal the truth to Alisha.

In the kitchen, Zain is mixing pills in Alisha’s drink. She dials Tia’s number but Zain is quick to find out and a physical fight breaks out between them. He strangles her and chokes her. Alisha is barely hanging on the edge of the yacht. But the tables turn as he slips on a wine bottle and falls over into the water.

Things falling into the wrong place

Zain’s dead body is found. Jitesh knows that Alisha was with him that night and it was supposed to be her dead body instead. He blackmails Alisha into keeping shut about Tia’s beach house. Turns out, they sold her place instead of keeping it as the mortgage. Jitesh pretends like it was not his idea to fool the naive girl and he easily manipulates the cousins to his advantage. Zain is declared to have committed suicide.

With the beach house gone, Tia reveals the truth to Alisha. According to Tia’s father’s will, Alisha was to inherit it. Alisha’s mother and Tia’s father were having an affair. Tia and Alisha share the same biological father. To prevent her mother from any more heartbreak, Tia had decided to alter the will.

Alisha starts seeing her father in a new light. She had always assumed that her mother had committed suicide because of her father for which she had always had a sour spot for him. This gives them a chance at mending their relationship.

After two years, Alisha and her father have become much closer. Karan is finally getting married to one of his colleagues. Alisha and Tia decide to keep in touch. At Karan’s engagement party, an old granny recognises Alisha from one of the times she had seen Zain and Alisha together in a yacht, as the film comes to a sudden close.

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