Garth: Wilderness character explained

Garth is Cara’s boyfriend who draws the short end of the stick when she disappears one night. The character is portrayed by Eric Balfour.

When Liv and Will run into Cara at the forest trail, she is there with her boyfriend, Garth. Garth is a kind handyman who considers himself very lucky to be with Cara.

Unfortunately, he is unaware that she is cheating on him with Will and has the impression that she actually doesn’t like Will all that much. While Cara hangs back with Will, Garth chats with Liv about their respective relationships.

After Will’s injury, Garth and Cara take them back to the hotel that both couples happen to be staying at. Garth invites Will and Liv to have dinner with him and Cara but receives a rude response.

A broken man

Garth: Wilderness character explained 1
Garth isn’t doing to well following Cara’s death

The morning of Cara’s disappearance, Garth is distraught and goes through a myriad of emotions after she is found. Her death in the hospital sends him back down a spiral.

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When Will tells Liv that he gave Cara a key to their house, they visit Garth to find it in her stuff. Garth hasn’t been taking care of himself and has gone into depression following Cara’s death.

Garth is arrested when the police find things in Cara’s gym locker suggesting that she was planning on leaving him. Liv finds out that Garth had proposed that night at the hotel but Cara said no. Liv sends an anonymous tip to the police about this.

They use that to put more pressure on Garth for her murder, adding that broke several years of sobriety after being rejected. Garth breaks down about the proposal but insists that he didn’t kill her, leaving the police with no option but to let him go.

That night, Garth visits Liv and Will in a drunken state with a gun in his possession. He threatens Liv to tell him what secrets she’s hiding because she has been acting suspiciously.

Will admits to having an affair with Cara and Garth knocks him out. He then chokes Liv before she gets her hands on a rock and smacks him in the head multiple times, killing him.

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