Gangs of Galicia summary and ending explained

In Gangs of Galicia, a lawyer moves to Cambados to avenge her father’s death but ends up falling in love with the son of the man suspected of murdering her father. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Ana is a successful lawyer who suddenly loses her father after he is shot to death. She discovers that her father was once a drug trafficker’s partner.

Her father, Silva, had a wife and daughter in Cambados. He worked with José Padín and was very close to José’s son, Daniel. 

When José’s wife fell ill, Silva took care of Daniel. However, he later learned that his wife, Berta, was cheating on him with José. 

Believing that his daughter, Laura, was actually José’s, Silva testified against José, leading to José receiving a prison sentence.

Daniel found out that Silva had betrayed his father, which caused Silva to leave town before he could be killed. This led to his wife and daughter being labeled as snitches.

After running away, Silva started anew. He met Ana’s mother and married her, but he never revealed his past to Ana or her mother.

Upon Silva’s death, he leaves a considerable amount of money to Berta and Laura, who still live in Cambados. Laura now has a daughter named María. 

Ana quits her job and moves to Cambados to find out about her father’s past. Soon after moving, she is hired by Daniel to represent him in court.

Although Daniel manages his father’s business, José still calls the shots from prison. José has the freedom to move around because he has a prison guard working for him.

Daniel is attracted to Ana, who lies about her reasons for moving to Cambados. Daniel wishes to replace his father’s trusted lawyer, Nazario, with her. 

Ana agrees to work for him on the condition that Daniel allows Berta and Laura, who have hired her to represent them, to keep their bar, which José wants to take away from them.

Once Ana starts working for Daniel, she becomes increasingly involved in his illegal activities, hoping to gather evidence against José, whom she suspects of having her father killed. 

Meanwhile, GRECO officer Naranjo has been trying to dismantle the Padín gang’s trafficking operations but has not succeeded yet. 

Daniel has an advantage over Naranjo: a police officer named Muñiz is working for him, which helps Daniel evade the authorities. 

Naranjo finally gets a break when Samuel, a man hurt by the Padín gang for betraying them, targets Nilo and Toño, Daniel’s partners. 

In the ensuing conflict, María is killed, and Daniel is shot while protecting his godson, Marco, who loved María and was planning to leave town with her.

María’s death motivates Marco and Laura to cooperate with Naranjo. Marco starts passing information to him about the gang’s activities through Laura.

After getting shot, Daniel asks Ana to assist in his next trafficking job, which involves a large shipment of drugs for the Colombians. 

He disapproves of many of his father’s actions and hopes to get independence from him after this operation. Daniel has developed feelings for Ana and wants to leave Cambados with her after the job is done. 

Ana agrees to leave with Daniel. She then convinces him to steal his father’s documents from Nazario’s house as leverage.

Believing that evidence against his father will protect Ana from José, Daniel steals Nazario’s safe before his important operation.

On the day of the operation, Nazario, who has been suspicious of Ana, visits her mother and discovers that Ana is Silva’s daughter. 

Ana’s mother informs her of the visit, prompting Ana to take Nazario’s safe and Daniel’s phone, preventing Nazario from contacting Daniel.

Ending explained:

Ana’s discoveries

With Laura and Marco’s help, Naranjo prepares to catch the Padín gang red-handed, which alerts Muñiz.

Muñiz, who suspects that the police have an informant in the Padín gang, is offered a large sum of money by Daniel in exchange for information.

Muñiz’s investigation leads him to Laura. When he tries to harm Laura to get her to reveal the informant’s name, Berta kills him to protect her daughter. 

Berta and Laura are then taken to the police station. Laura contacts Ana and tells her everything, including how she has been passing on information about Daniel’s operation. 

Ana tries to warn Daniel, but since Daniel does not have his phone, he does not see Ana’s message on his burner phone.

Despite that, Ana follows Daniel’s plan and goes to the Colombians to facilitate the money transfer. There, she sees the man who murdered her father. 

When she questions the man in charge, he tells her that Daniel was the one who found Silva after searching for him for years. 

However, it was Daniel’s father who had Silva killed before Daniel could meet him. Now that Ana knows the truth about her father’s death, she escapes.

Daniel’s arrest

Upon Marco’s insistence, Daniel allows Marco to stay with him while he oversees the operation from land, unaware that Marco has joined forces with the police. 

Daniel is the only one who knows the exact location for unloading the trafficked drugs, and these coordinates are what Marco needs to pass on to Naranjo.

At the same time, Nazario succeeds in contacting José in prison and informs him that Ana is Silva’s daughter. José immediately contacts Daniel and tells him the truth.

It is then that Daniel sees Ana’s message about the informant, but it is too late to save the operation, as Marco has already given the coordinates to Naranjo. 

The police storm the shipyard where Daniel has been running the operation. Daniel’s partners are also caught at the unloading point with the drugs and arrested. 

After escaping from the Colombians, Ana calls Daniel, only to realize that he has already been arrested. The phone call confirms the police’s suspicions about Ana working with Daniel.

Three months after busting Daniel’s operation, Naranjo quits his job to spend time with his wife. His subordinate takes over his position.

Daniel and Ana’s last meeting

Ana changes her appearance and visits Daniel in prison. Daniel agreed to meet her after she wrote him a letter to tell him the whole truth.

Daniel now confesses that he would not have killed Silva if he had gotten the chance to meet him. He was deeply hurt by Silva’s betrayal and just wanted to know why he turned against his father. 

Ana informs Daniel that the Colombians and José are looking for her, as they believe that she was the one who betrayed Daniel. 

However, Daniel knows that Ana is innocent because he never shared his position with her. Daniel and Ana remain unaware that Marco was the informant. 

When Daniel asks Ana about her feelings for him, she tells him that her feelings for him were genuine. Before leaving, she also reveals that she is pregnant with his child.

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