Ganglands season 2 ending explained: Do Mehdi and Liana kill Almeida?

In Ganglands season 2, Mehdi and Liana attempt to escape the city after one last heist, but a complication brings another obstacle that may cost them their lives. The season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Mehdi, Liana, and Tony are ready to execute one last heist before parting ways and starting their new lives. They plan to steal diamonds from Chris, kill him, and leave.

Mehdi successfully kills Chris, and the group gets their hands on the diamonds, but during the heist, Mehdi also injures Chris’ client, Javier, the son of the leader of Los Soles.

Seventy percent of cocaine coming through Antwerp belongs to the Los Soles. They also have big plans to expand. Initially, Javier was dealing with Sofia and Saber until a prosecutor sent by his father turned things around.

Prosecutor Almeida works the way he desires and isn’t afraid of lying to his boss either. He acts like he is taking care of the people who hurt Javier but has a secret agenda of his own.

Almeida not only targets Mehdi but also Sofia and Saber, as Javier chose them to lead the way for drug deals and his father trusted him.

Almeida killed the negotiator carrying out deals between Sofia, Saber, and Javier, and he pinned the murder on Sofia and Saber to find a way out.

Mehdi and Saber both face the wrath of Almeida, and Saber loses Sofia when Almeida’s thugs come hunting them down. Mehdi and Liana, on their side, manage to save Nahel.

Amidst all of this, Tony gets arrested on the charge of murder. The cops keep his family captive and ask him to help them arrest Mehdi. Tony escapes and joins Mehdi, who assures Commissioner Herman that he will turn himself in for the death of Chris in three days.

Almeida is manipulating Commissioner Herman as well. He makes her think that Mehdi is in fact working for Los Soles. He even targets Herman’s sister to prove that, and this way, he starts receiving all the information on Mehdi and Tony.

Mehdi tries to confront Almeida and ask him what he wants. It turns out that Javier’s father only wants their heads for injuring their son.

Los Soles aren’t resting until they have Mehdi and Saber dead. So the enemies join forces against a common enemy and orchestrate a plan to send Los Soles a message suggesting that they can hit hard too.

The plan is to steal their money and cocaine and kidnap an important person from their side. Mehdi successfully steals the money, and Liana, with the help of her girlfriend, Kelly, lures the docker who is working for Almeida.

Unfortunately, Saber doesn’t stick to the plan. He delivers the cocaine to the customs officers so that they can burn it. Saber isn’t looking for revenge; he is looking for a war.

Mehdi continues to use what they have as leverage and talks to Almeida, who gives him a better offer. He is willing to give full immunity to Tony, his family, and Liana. On top of that, he will make sure Mehdi doesn’t have to turn himself in.

Los Soles is planning to rule Antwerp in the next few months. There will be a war as many gangs won’t accept monopoly. Almeida needs a general, and Mehdi seems to be fit for it.

Mehdi says he will think about it. Almeida then reminds him that he needs his cocaine back in two days, as customs officers will burn it soon. If Mehdi doesn’t get it back, he will kill Tony’s family himself.

For this peace deal, Mehdi, Tony, Liana, her friends, and Saber work together again. This time to retrieve the cocaine back.

Almeida, on the other hand, struggles with the relationship he has with Javier’s father. Almeida desires to be the leader of Los Soles, but with Javier alive, his father will never give him the throne.

Almeida asks his loyal associate if she would stand by him if he went up against this father-son duo. She says she will, and Almeida then proceeds to kill Javier. He pins the murder on Saber again and forces Javier’s father to come.

Almeida also continues to get his money and cocaine back. While Mehdi’s team faces problems when one of their own betrays them, Almeida sends his soldiers to Mehdi’s hideout, where Liana, her friends, the docker, and Nahel are all alone.

Almeida’s soldiers take out Nahel and the docker present there. They find some of their money and leave. After acknowledging that Almeida has already started coming for them, Tony and Saber try to safeguard their families.

With the help of Saber’s lawyer, Tony locates his family, only to find them all dead. He doesn’t see a point in living without them and proceeds to shoot himself.

Ganglands season 2 ending explained in detail:

Does Saber’s family die?

Javier’s father arrives, and he, along with some of Almeida’s soldiers, captures Saber’s family. Saber makes it in time and denies the accusation of murdering Javier.

Almeida’s soldiers see their plan to eliminate Saber’s family and Javier’s father together falling apart. Almeida’s soldiers start shooting, and his loyal associate tells the truth before trying to kill Javier’s father.

Before she could kill him, Saber’s wife shoots her from behind. Saber takes care of the other soldiers and safeguards his family. Javier’s father realizes that he was wrong about Saber.

Javier’s father offers Saber a deal. He wants Almeida killed. In exchange, Mehdi and Liana can leave for anywhere in the world on a private jet.

Javier’s father further plans to have Saber represent him in Europe. With that, Saber’s wife, Coralie, now has no option but to take their son and Sofia’s kid far away from Saber and this world.

What happens to Almeida?

After learning that someone has killed Tony’s family and Tony too, Commissioner Herman inquires to find out who else knows everything about their case.

She had previously been informed that Almeida works for Los Soles. She didn’t believe it at that time, but now this is starting to make sense. She didn’t waste time in arresting Almeida and one of his soldiers.

Mehdi and Liana now have to hunt down Almeida, who is safe and sound inside a cell. They orchestrate a plan. Almeida and his soldier manage to escape after killing Commissioner Herman.

While Mehdi is fighting cops inside the precinct, Liana sees Almeida escaping in plain sight. She just couldn’t muster up the courage to shoot him. Mehdi arrives moments later, and they both try to chase Almeida.

Does Almeida manage to escape?

From Saber, Mehdi learns that Almeida has a private jet. He and Liana head to the airfield, from where Almeida must be taking off. Mehdi takes out Almeida’s soldiers. Then, Almeida tricks him and holds him at gunpoint.

Liana comes from behind. Almeida claims that she has no guts to kill him. Liana, overcome by the loss of Nahel and Tony, gathers all the courage she needs. She then proceeds to shoot Almeida several times.

Mehdi tells the pilots to not stop. He comforts Liana and asks where they should go now that everything is over.

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