Gang Da-Eul: King the Land character explained

A major supporting character and just as major a support system for the show’s lead, Gang Da-Eul is the hardest worker of all and an example of competence and compassion in King the Land.

Gang Da-Eul juggles a number of roles in her life, and she does so thanklessly for the most part. At work, she’s a stern, competent yet compassionate leader, and at home, she tends to carry the brunt of responsibilities while her husband and in-laws slack out.

Model employee

Gang Da-Eul is a model employee and where Sa-Rang’s exemplary work at her job is the main focus of the show, Da-Eul’s competence and track record are so impressive it’s even revered by Sa-Rang and Pyeonh-Hwa.

She works as the store manager at the Alanga duty-free store that’s affiliated with the King Group. She works hard and leads the staff with all the qualities necessary in a leader. She also ends the discriminatory tradition that the senior girls use as a garb to bully the newbie.

As an employee, she exhibits loyalty to the rules of the establishment while treating the customers with politeness, keeping in mind all the rules and that the rules apply the same to anyone and everyone. Even with all the familial responsibilities, Da-Eul manages to ace her job and do so in a way that inspires others.

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Relentless family woman

Along with being a working woman with a flawless record, Da-Eul has to attend to the familial duties too, and it’s a heartbreaking portrayal of reality where women are still expected to perform all the traditional duties no matter if they have a profession or not.

Gang Da-Eul King the Land
Image source: Netflix

Gang Da-Eul had a little daughter who she attends to and do so thanklessly, but other duties include making food and doing dishes even, which her in-laws don’t think are activities worth their time.

As they laze about watching TV and lying on the couch all the time, she has to come home to unwashed dishes and then go off to buy groceries.

Meanwhile, her husband does nothing to help out in raising their daughter, much less share the load of the aforementioned duties.

Great friend

Gang Da-Eul is a solid friend as well. Along with Pyeonh-Hwa, she also provides a best friend, a confidant, and a sister-from-another-mother to Cheon Sa-Rang.

She is the third vertex of this strong triangle of friendship that offers all the girls with the much-needed support system and shoulders to cry on, in times of dire need, or offer the greatest companion in times of joy and otherwise.

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