FUBAR summary and ending explained

Netflix’s spy-adventure series, FUBAR follows Luke Brunner and his daughter Emma as they learn about each other’s secret lives and try to come to terms with it as they both embark on death-defying missions as CIA operatives.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Veteran CIA operative Luke Brunner completes his last job in style and prepares for retirement. His daughter, Emma, goes to Guyana to work for a major social cause. When Boro, the son of the warlord he killed in the past begins to work for his father’s legacy, Luke is brought back to the job before he can retire.

At the job, the shock of the lifetime awaits him in the form of his daughter, Emma, who he learns has been working as a CIA operative for years as well. Meanwhile, Emma learns about her father’s identity as well. In the middle of new discoveries that make their already not-really-ideal relationship even worse off, they must track down Boro.

They’re assigned the mission to hunt down and stop Boro, something they have to embark on together, and their estranged relationship is tested many times, with both sides even getting a CIA-appointed therapist as well.

As for their personal lives, Luke puts his retirement plans of getting his ex back on the back burner, while Emma begins to tread on the same path of neglect as his father has all his life.

The mission to stop Boro backfires on a couple of occasions but they all manage to stop him finally, with the international terrorist seemingly perishing in a Nuclear blast.

However, he returns to exact revenge, only for the father-daughter duo to take him down for good. Before their happy-ever-after, they have to bail out of a wedding to go into hiding, after Boro’s actions leave them exposed to the whole criminal world, as FUBAR season 1 concludes.

FUBAR ending explained in detail:

Does Boro survive?

Twenty-five years ago, Luke Brunner killed Omar Polonia, the leader of a paramilitary organization called Lape Pa Lanmo, in Operation Jungle Book.

He was working undercover as Finn Hoss at the time and had worked his way through the organization and become great friends with Oman before killing him.

Omar’s son is Boro Polonia, who at the time Luke took pity on and also saw great promise in. He provided for his education in London, where he excelled while working to fund, continue, and grow what his father had started.

Boro’s smarty brains and charm have made him a leader of over 400 loyal people while he expands his empire via illegal arms sale, including that of a briefcase nuke, which he was able to have made thanks to his brains and crafty ways, not to mention wealth.

Luke returns to him as Finn Hoss and Boro welcomes him with open arms, but soon his cover is blown and the truth is out into the light. Boro learns that Finn Hoss is actually Luke Brunner and the man who killed his father. Meanwhile, Luke and his daughter Emma work together to capture Boro and his nuke device.

They manage to do that successfully, and also capture Boro, only to later realize that the terrorist knowingly got himself arrested to retrieve the device, which he does. He then resumes working on making more weapons and selling them all to the interested buyer who can give him the money and two people — Finn and Danielle aka Luke and Emma.

The CIA tracks him down to an abandoned nuclear plant in Sardovia, where Boro has been working from. Luke, Emma, Roo, and Aldon infiltrate the place and the ensuing fight results in a blast that destroys a lot of underground infrastructure and the heat in the region begins increasing.

This poses a risk as the briefcase nuke can be triggered by a lot of heat, and go off on its own. Emma and Boro work together to get out of the facility but Luke prevents Boro from getting out, leaving him there and as the place blows up, he’s assumed dead.

However, months later, he returns to Tally and Donnie’s wedding. Making Tally his hostage, he directs Luke and Emma to shoot each other. However, at Luke’s sign, Tally fends for herself and gives her ex and daughter some time to turn the tables and shoot Boro dead, shortly before FUBAR rolls the credits.

Do Barry and Tina get together?

As soon as Tina transfers from NSA to the CIA to temporarily work the Boro case, Barry is attracted to her. Conversely, she seems to be into him as well, along with the appreciation she already has for his work and reputation.

Barry and Tina are very similar in many regards. They’re both massive nerds and geeks and at first, Barry feels not confident enough with approaching her with the personality he has. However, she digs him and especially these qualities, since she’s a nerd too.

They eventually go on a date, and then on another. Barry tries to get advice from others before going second base with her. The two eventually get in on their own nerdy ways but the obstacle to their blooming relationship soon presents itself.

NSA would call her back soon and Tina would have to leave CIA, even though she wants to stay. Barry decides to contend with this issue himself and pull the strings with other executives, making deals and even apologies to get Tina to stay longer with him and others at the CIA.

At the end of FUBAR, their relationship is on an upswing and going stronger than ever.

Who does Emma end up together with?

Emma doesn’t end up together with anyone by the end of FUBAR season 1. She goes through an emotional wringer and the roughest patch in her relationship with Carter this season.

The weight and stress, as well as the demands of the job that she has to perform for the CIA, take a toll on her, and from there grows a conflict inside her. However, this conflict has been brewing inside her for a while outside of the job as well.

Carter is the greatest company she can have and she truly loves him, but also demands a bit of something different from him from time to time. Meanwhile, when the womanizer Aldon proves to be a deep and kind guy, not to mention very much into her, Emma feels attracted to him.

She eventually kisses him and Luke sees it, which he then reveals to an already-worried Carter. Emma continues to feel attracted to Aldon but eventually stops herself upon thinking of her fiancé. She goes to him later on and he confronts her about cheating.

She admits her mistake but tells him she wants to be with him and only loves him. However, he breaks up with her. Meanwhile, she tries to give Aldon a shot but he tells her she’s only saying that to him because she feels alone coming out of a breakup.

At the end of FUBAR episode 8, Carter and Emma meet at Tally’s wedding and share an awkward reunion, where they share how their love lives have been. Carter is single after a relationship didn’t work out, while Emma has been single ever since the breakup as well.

As things stand now, Emma could go either way and might very well get back together with Carter. However, Aldon’s fight hasn’t finished yet, and given his professional proximity with Emma, and the undeniable chemistry they have, it’s difficult to conceive that things would remain strictly platonic between them.

Does Tally marry Donnie?

Tally divorced Luke fifteen years ago after she had had enough of his absence due to his work. She wanted him to spend more time with her but he could never provide her with quality time, or much of any time really.

He came to regret that very much but doesn’t truly realize how much his absence hurt his ex-wife. In the present day, he continues to make efforts to get back with her. However, Tally now dates her colleague Donnie, who she loves and whose active involvement in the family time she finds so endearing.

However, Luke manages to attract her again, and she ends up having sex with him, albeit it is something that transpires after Luke lies to her, probably for the millionth time. He’s happy, though, that he’s gotten a chance to be with her.

When he lashes out at Emma for trying to subject Carter to the same fate as he subjected her mother to, she calls him out on his egregious hypocrisy, highlighting what he’s doing to Tally right now is going to hurt her. Having realized his mistake, he bails out on a romance he had managed to reignite with her after so many years.

Tally, who had thought that she was going to rebuild a life and give her relationship with Luke another shot, is hurt when he bails out again and reminds her of his old self. In a moment of misguided and drunken stupor, she asks Donnie to get married instead.

The wedding day arrives and she’s unhappy because she doesn’t love Donnie the same way she does Luke, but he doesn’t stop her still until Emma makes him realize that her mother needs him. Before FUBAR season 1 concludes, Luke reveals the truth about his profession to Tally, and before she can marry Donnie, Boro arrives and ruins the wedding.

After Boro’s death, Luke’s extended family, including Donnie and Carter, escape in a van, fleeing from numerous dangerous people out to get them.

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