From Scratch ending explained: Does Amy move to Sicily?

From Scratch is a romantic drama about the cross-cultural love story of an American art student and an Italian chef. The series follows the lives of the couple as they experience the negative and the positive sides of their romance.

Plot Summary

From Scratch opens with Amy visiting Florence for a six-week-long art program where she meets Lino, a chef from Sicily. They fall in love and Lino decides to move to America to start a life with her. 

After moving to LA, Amy finds a job at an art gallery but Lino struggles to achieve his dream of being a chef. He feels homesick but finds comfort in Amy. Amy asks him to marry her, they get engaged.

They decide to marry in the city they met and invite their families. While Amy’s family approves of the marriage, Lino’s father threatens to disown him if he marries an American woman.

Lino chooses Amy over his family and they get married. 

The newly married couple returns to Los Angeles and they resume their journey towards their professional goals.

While Amy is confused about choosing her dream or financial security, Lino gets an offer for a partnership to set up his own restaurant. All their plans are ruined when Lino gets diagnosed with cancer. 

Lino starts his treatment and gets better. He reconciles with his parents and the couple decides to adopt a child.

While raising Idalia, they experience the highs and lows of parenting with the constant threat of the potential recurrence of Lino’s cancer. 

From Scratch ending explained in detail:

Does Lino’s treatment work?

After hearing his diagnosis, Lino decides to join a drug trial. The drug trial works but the doctor warns him about any potential recurrence. Lino gets to raise his daughter with Amy for a few years till the cancer starts spreading again.

Lino is admitted to a hospital where the doctors perform intensive treatments on him. However, his condition worsens. The doctors inform the couple there’s nothing they can do. 

Lino, Amy and their families prepare themselves for the worst. Lino’s death devastates Amy and Idalia.

Does Amy move to Sicily?

Lino asks Amy to bury his ashes in Sicily. Zora helps Amy get out of bed and fulfil his final wish. Idalia and Amy visit Lino’s family in Sicily. 

Lino’s mother asks Amy to stay for the procession of Sant’Anna. Amy overcomes her cultural differences and builds a connection with the people of Castelleone. 

Lino’s mother treats Amy like her own daughter and helps her process Lino’s death. Amy tells her she will keep visiting Sicily for Idalia and herself.

What happens to Idalia?

Idalia struggles to process her father’s death. At a young age, she finds it hard to comprehend the concept of death and mortality. 

In his last moments, Lino encourages Idalia to stay connected to her Italian heritage and keep speaking the language, She asks her mother about her identity as an Italian if she doesn’t look like her father. 

Idalia finds comfort in Sicily as she meets her father’s family and his childhood friend, Tonino. Lino’s mother asks Amy to sign the inheritance paper for her and Idalia.

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