Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery season 2 ending explained: Do Salvo and Valentino escape the Mafia?

In season 2 of Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery, Salvo and Valentino once again find themselves in the crosshairs of Holy Father and the mafia and must do everything they can to stay alive. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Things have calmed down in Salvo and Valentino’s lives since the big mafia bust and they are back to their usual routine. Valentino and Agata are going steady, much to his mother’s annoyance.

Meanwhile, Salvo and Ester are separated even though they still have feelings for each other. Salvo is living at the house his grandfather left for him in the middle of nowhere. He spends his days eating junk food and watching television.

While driving along one day, they hit a person and soon realize that it is Padre Santissimo (Holy Father). Tonino walks up to them with a gun as Santissimo is lying almost lifeless on the ground.

Tonino wants to kill them but a religious procession approaches close by so he makes them put Santissimo in the van and drives them to a secluded place. Before he can kill them, Salvo and Valentino convince him that Salvo’s place is perfect for them to hide and plan.

Tonino makes Valentino clean up around the house while Salvo goes out and gets the mafia doctor, Doctor Tantillo. Salvo rushes to the city in search of the doctor as Agata and Valentino’s mother have trouble contacting Valentino since Tonino made them turn their phones off.

Salvo eventually returns with the doctor who checks up on Padre Santissimo and reports that he’s doing fine but must take care of his health since he has diabetes.

Gambino’s real killer is still on the loose and he goes back to Gambino’s apartment to retrieve something from a secret room. Two bricklayers step into the apartment after noticing the door open and the killer shoots them.

Salvo and Valentino are sent to find out more about the investigation as Santissimo has Valentino’s mother brought in as collateral in case the duo tries anything funny.

Agata introduces Valentino to her son Robertino but she is later frustrated with him because he hasn’t made a concrete decision about moving in with her. He also feels guilty about lying to her but Salvo reminds him that it is for his mother’s safety.

Ester and Salvo miss each other deeply but Salvo puts up a facade that he’s having a great time without her because he doesn’t want to face those feelings again.

A group of dangerous Mexicans arrives in Sicily looking for Holy Father. When they find him, they remind him that he owes them money and give him two days to pay it back.

The killer also contacts Holy Father and says that he has the money they need and wants Gambino’s laptop which has the account details. Holy Father wishes he had Primo Sale at his side because he’s the perfect person in a crisis, so Salvo formulates a plan to break him out.

His plan is ultimately pointless as Primo Sale is released from jail on a technicality. Holy Father has Primo try to find out who it is that is blackmailing them. Salvo grabs a case file while visiting Agata and gives it back to Holy Father.

Ester is beginning to worry about her mother and Salvo and Valentino do their best to throw her off the trail. Agata goes through all the case files once again and suspects that the blackmailer/killer is an officer, after noticing discrepancies in the investigation.

Holy Father notices her investigation into other officers and tries to use this to his advantage. He tells Valentino to admit to the police that he’s at Salvo’s house but when the police raid the place, Holy Father and his men are nowhere to be found.

A detective is arrested after the gun that killed Gambino is found in his house but the truth is that Detective Lo Russo is the real killer who planted the gun there. Agata is distrustful of Lo Russo at this point and breaks into his house to confirm her doubts.

Lo Russo feels her closing in and orders Holy Father to take care of her but it’s too late for him as Agata has already informed the prosecutor. Holy Father’s men kidnap Agata so that they have a new bargaining chip.

Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery season 2 ending explained:

Why did Lo Russo kill Gambino?

The prosecutor interrogates Lo Russo to find out how and why he went rogue. Lo Russo said that he found out that Gambino was stealing money when he was on the case initially and decided to use it to his advantage.

However, when Agata returned to Sicily, Lo Russo couldn’t continue much longer and chose to kill Gambino. He was already aware that Ester was seeing Gambino so he decided to frame Salvo and Valentino.

Unfortunately for him, they didn’t call the police and his plan was derailed. When asked about his motivations, Lo Russo simply says that he changed with time and became a greedy man.

What is the plan to save Agata?

The prosecutor contacts Holy Father and tells him that Lo Russo is in custody and they have the tokens he requires. Holy Father tells him that he will return Agata and the rest of the hostages in exchange for those tokens.

Salvo and Valentino are reminded that Holy Father has serious health issues so the best way to find him is to follow Dr. Tantillo. The prosecutor agrees to their suggestion and the entire force goes out to find Agata and bring down Holy Father.

Is Holy Father captured?

Primo Sale goes to the exchange where they get their hands on the tokens. He heads to the bank to make the transfers while keeping Holy Father in the loop.

When he walks into the office of the bank manager, the Mexicans are waiting there. It is revealed that Primo Sale is betraying Holy Father and wants to take leadership of the mafia.

The police follow Dr. Tantillo as he moves from one event to the next before eventually leading them to where Holy Father is hiding. They storm the place but Holy Father and Tonino escape through underground tunnels.

Salvo goes in behind them and eventually faces up to them with a fake gun and badge. Holy Father says that Salvo isn’t brave enough to pul the trigger and is about to kill him but Tonino stops him.

He says that he’s tired of being the “useless thing” and wants to live his own life from now on. The police arrive and arrest Holy Father and Tonino. Primo Sale and the Mexicans are also arrested as the tokens they were given were fakes.

The police celebrate as Agata and Valentino are reunited, while Salvo and Ester also make up with each other.

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