Four-Cut Atmaram: Guns & Gulaabs character explained

In Guns & Gulaabs, Four-Cut Atmaram is a contract killer from Bombay hired by Nabeed. Gulshan Devaiah plays Atmaram.

Atmaram is the one who kills Babu Tiger, one of Ganchi’s important men and Tipu’s father. Atmaram gets the name ‘Four-Cut’ due to his signature move, where he not just kills people but performs a four-step soul separation.

The first attack is meant to cleanse the soul of the target. The second is for the forgiveness of sins. The third is for liberation from this world of allure. During the fourth and final attack, the soul crosses the Vaitarna River forever.

The rumor is that Atmaram is gifted. His seven deaths are forgiven. Hence, he isn’t afraid of pulling off kills out in the open, as he has always managed to evade death.

Atmaram’s personality

Atmaram is a no-nonsense guy who works on his own terms for the money. He has loyal friends of his own and isn’t afraid of big names such as Nabeed and Ganchi. Nabeed, despite being Atmaram’s boss, fails to control Atmaram’s actions.

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For the most part, it’s Atmaram who forces Nabeed to make certain decisions in time. Nabeed might be a big name in Sherpur and Gulaabgunj, but for Atmaram, he is just another client.

Four-Cut Atmaram: Guns & Gulaabs character explained 1
Atmaram shows no respect to Nabeed

Atmaram is also sinister when it comes to killing his targets. He enjoys and rejoices while pulling off jobs, knowing that he isn’t dying anytime soon. Atmaram has a soft spot for kids who have abusive parents. He himself grew up with an abusive father.

How did Atmaram learn about his seven lives?

When Atmaram was a kid, an old man told him that he would be spared seven deaths. Atmaram forgot about this, believing that the old man is making a fool out of him.

However, Atmaram soon realized the old man wasn’t lying when his angry father threw him into a well. Atmaram almost died before being saved by a good-hearted man. This is how Atmaram lost his first life.

Does Atmaram die?

Atmaram is superstitious, considering how the old man’s claim about his seven lives has come true so far. When he buys a pendant from a street peddler, Atmaram’s luck turns around.

Atmaram’s target, Tipu, constantly evades him and almost takes Atmaram’s life. After killing his frustrated boss, Nabeed, Atmaram goes back to the same peddler and buys a new pendant.

Moments after buying another pendant, Atmaram is approached by Dheeraj for a job. Atmaram thinks that luck is on his side again, but he is defeated by Tipu. It is hinted that Tipu fails to kill Atmaram. The closing shot of the series sees Atmaram grabbing his knife again, which suggests that he is still alive.

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