First Kill (2022) summary and ending explained

First Kill is a fantasy drama series that follows the intertwined lives of two teenagers, Julliette, a vampire, and Calliope, a monster hunter.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Julliette is a 16-year-old vampire who is yet to be officially consecrated. She belongs to a family of legacy vampires, and her grandmother is the keeper of Malkia. She is yet to make her first kill, but she needs to do it fast.

Julliette refuses to accept her identity as a vampire. She is empathetic and doesn’t like the idea of sucking blood from humans. Her mother is a vampire, but her father is a made vampire; thus, Julliette is of mixed blood.

After waking up from a nightmarish but repetitive dream, Juliette feels dry in her throat due to a thirst for blood. As she does not have such blood from humans, she takes blood capsules that also help her get through migraines.

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When she gets ready for school, her parents express concern for her as she might get sick if she doesn’t have her first kill anytime soon. However, Julliette says she is fine and will not turn into one of those bloodsucking monsters.

Juliette goes to school with her childhood friend Ben, but he doesn’t know about Julliette’s non-human nature in human disguise. 

At school, Juliette sees Calliope and has a crush on her. Ben suggests that she should go and talk to Calliope. With much hesitation, Julliette finally talks to Calliope and invites her to Noah Harrington’s party.

Calliope belongs to an ancestral monster hunter family who keeps moving around in the world, according to projects. They are in Savannah to kill the raging monsters and vampires hiding in plain sight. 

Calliope too wants to become a good monster hunter but is eligible only to help her brothers be safe while they kill monsters. 

Later in the evening, Julliette and Calliope have a game of dare at Noah Harrington’s party. As a dare, they are sent inside the pantry where Julliette and Calliope make out. Unfortunately, while making out, Julliette’s vampire insects activate, and she bites Calliope.

Immediately, as a defensive act, Calliope stabs Julliette’s heart with a sharp object, and Juliette passes out. Calliope immediately runs from the party to her house. 

Upon reaching, she informs her mother, Talia, about the incident. Her mother says she will talk about it in the morning.

Back at the party, Julliette wakes up and realizes what has happened. She quietly gets out of the back door and goes back home. 

Upon reaching home, Julliette’s mom questions her, and she tells them that she has had her first kill. Hearing this, her mom is joyous and informs her that they would now officially have a consecration ceremony to celebrate Julliette’s first kill.

While Ben is still searching for Julliette at Noah’s party, he suddenly stumbles upon Ashely. Ashley was lying down with blood on her face. When Ben checks her, he finds that she’s dead. 

The police conclude that Ashley was killed due to a drug overdose after an investigation. However, Ben believes that Ashely was murdered. 

He conveys this to Julliette, but Julliette is busy preparing for her consecration ceremony and does not pay heed. However, as Julliette lied about making her first kill, her parents assumed that she drained Ashley.

Conversely, Talia tells Calliope that Julliette is a legacy vampire and notes that silver can kill them.

During Ashely’s memorial service in the school, Julliette starts crying, and blood tears come out of her eyes. To hide this, she goes inside the school, and Calliope follows.

They reach the school rooftop and argue about what happened at the party. Finally, Julliette confesses that she likes Calliope. But Calliope stays fixed on stating that vampires are monsters who hurt humans.

On Sunday, many guests arrive at Julliette’s house, including her grandmother, Davina Atwood, the Keeper of Malkia. While Ellinor, Julliette’s sister, gives Julliette various chances to make her first kill.

On the other hand, Calliope’s family is set to kill all the vampires on this very day. But Calliope is not allowed to accompany them as she now questions the acts of her family. 

Just when the ceremony is about to begin, the Burns attack them and stake the vampires with silver weapons. Unfortunately, these weapons do not work on legacy vampires, and every one of them wakes up again. 

However, Julliette’s father is severy wounded and is failing to recover. Only Davina can save her, but she refuses to do so because he is half-human. But, Ellinor convinces her grandmother to help her father by promising marriage in return.

Ellinor suggests that she would marry Henry Davinfort’s son to repair the mistake that her mother caused by leaving him at the altar. Davina agrees to help.

Due to the new changes in Sebastian, he has become a ghoul who drinks blood and eats every human-resembling creature. 

While Juliette and Calliope are on the run from their houses after the raid attack, they both have their first kills after a particular chain of events. Under the circumstances, they understand each other more and fall in love.

But now, Julliette is bloodthirsty and cannot keep herself away from Calliope’s blood. So Oliver, Julliette’s brother, suggests that if she helps her bring down Ellinor, he will make her human using witchcraft. 

Both the Fairmonts and Burns are against this forbidden love between the two girls but are failing to keep them apart.

The Burns suggest Calliope go through serving as she might have been infected by vampire venom that is controlling her mind. Theo, Calliope’s brother, performs the ritual but, in turn, gets flashbacks of how a vampire killed his mother.

The severing fails, and nothing can keep the girls apart.

However, as things accelerate, Burns and Fairmonts make a truce to subdue the rivalry.

One evening, Apollo goes on a date with Ellinor, and they hook up. As Theo was waiting in the car, he became impatient and went inside to find Apollo. He walks up on Apollo and Ellinor, and Ellinor understands that she has been set up.

All three of them get into a fight, and Apollo stabs Theo by mistake. Theo is drowning in his blood when Calliope and Juliette find them. Caliope is shocked to look at her brother in this way and breaks down.

Juliette suggests that Apollo and Calliope should get back home as the police are still looking for them concerning the murder of Claton Cook, who had kidnapped Calliope on the day of the raid and who was Juliette’s First Kill.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here is a detailed breakdown.

First Kill ending explained in detail (Episode 8: First Betrayal):

Theo’s fate

After Calliope and Apollo leave, Julliette cleans the area and leaves too. While on her way back, she finds lipstick on the road. She recognizes the lipstick as it belonged to Ellinor. She realizes that Ellinor killed Theo.

When Calliope and Apollo reach back home, they find Theo having dinner with her family. Absolutely shocked, Calliope and Apollo are trying to understand what is happening. 

Just then, Theo complains of pain and gets back to his room. Upon hearing painful moans, the family gets into Theo’s room and finds him reckless. 

Theo has vampire’s teeth and is in a lot of pain. His eyes have turned red. 

To handle the situation, the family ties Theo to a chair and discusses that they must kill him as now he has become a vampire.

Talia is entirely against it and will not let anybody kill her son. Just then, he breaks out of the house and starts to groan on the lawn.

Apollo is trying to handle him by fighting him. Just then, Juliette appears and tells the family that while she was trying to save Theo, she turned him into a vampire. Now, he is hungry and longs for the blood of the vampire who has turned him into one.

Julliette offers Theo her blood, and then the Burn family retakes him into the house and chains him.

Apollo and his dad agree to kill Theo for his own good, but Talia doesn’t. She asks for a little time with Theo and then agrees to kill him together with her husband.

However, when Jack returns, he finds Theo and Talia gone through the security door. 

Julliette and Ellinor

Julliette confronts Ellinor for killing Theo, but Ellinor insults Julliette by saying that she is a sappy version of the legacy vampires.

She also blames everything on Juliette, saying that she and her love for Calliope lead to all the events and deaths.

After this unsettling humiliation, Julliette steals the key to Ellinor’s closet, where she keeps the IDs of all of her victims. 

Julliette gives the key to Oliver, and Oliver discloses everything to the police, and Ellinor gets arrested while Julliette stands with a witty smile.

During interrogation, Oliver appears as Ellinor’s attorney. He confronts Ellinor about her first kills and the destruction influenced by her.

Oliver calls Ellinor a sociopath as she enjoys killing. He tells her that their parents will not help her because, in a matriarchy, the reputation of the Keeper of Malkia shall not be harmed.

Oliver’s secret

Talia brings Theo to Oliver’s place and hands him over. As a mother, Talia cannot let her son die, but the only way for him to survive is by being a vampire.

Thus, she says goodbye to Theo and sends him to his new family at Oliver’s residence. 

Oliver shows Theo his army of monsters who he brought along to fulfil his purpose of ruining some lives and taking down Ellinor. 

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