Fiona & Daly’s deaths in Manifest season 4 part 2 explained

In Manifest season 4 part 2, Fiona and Daly return and surprise the 828ers, only to get killed at the hands of Angelina before they can disclose any clues about how they can all be saved.

Ben and Saanvi first discover Daly when Ben receives a strange Calling. He gets lost writing “wake him up” on the walls of a room at the detention center. The way he has written these words draws a map of the place, which leads them to Daly.

Meanwhile, through a Calling, Cal ends up finding Fiona Clarke. While Daly’s body spreads various plagues inside the detention center, Fiona seems stuck in some Calling.

Cal tries to access Fiona’s Calling, but he fails as he sees an olive tree growing out of her seat on the plane. Similarly, another olive tree is growing in the cockpit, where Daly sits.

The meaning behind the olive trees

Before Cal and Olive, Angelina figures out why Fiona and Daly are back. She reads the Bible and learns that God sent two witnesses represented by two olive trees, to bring on the end of the times.

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Fiona & Daly's deaths in Manifest season 4 part 2 explained 1
Fiona and Daly represent the olive trees

At the same time, the judgment only comes after these two witnesses are dead. Angelina likes to think that God has chosen her to bring the end of the times. Therefore, she believes it’s her duty to kill the witnesses to make it happen.

The Bible also reveals that both of them will come with plagues, and a beast will rise to attack and kill them. When Cal and Olive discover this, they deduce that this beast is none other than Angelina.

How does Angelina kill Fiona and Daly?

The 828ers fail to stop Angelina in her attempts to kill Fiona and Daly. She first gets to Fiona. Using the powers she has attained from the Omega Sapphire, she projects herself as Olive in front of little Eden.

At night, when Olive falls asleep while watching Fiona, Angelina appears as Olive and guides Eden to Fiona. She manipulates Eden into removing the splinter that is keeping Fiona alive.

Angelina next targets Daly. She appears as an officer at the detention center and overhears Saanvi and Daly’s son’s conversation. She projects herself as Daly’s son, Patrick, in front of Daly and uses the resentment Patrick has for his father against Daly.

The people at the detention center already see Daly as a threat. He is responsible for the mythological plagues spreading there. Angelina, as Patrick, convinces Daly that he is a terrible human being. He is hated by his friends, family, and the world for what he has done,

Daly escapes captivity, and Zimmer’s soldiers hold guns against him. Daly backs down, but the moment Angelina tells him to stand up for himself and make things right, Daly decides to sacrifice himself. He reacts and lets the soldiers kill him.

With both Daly and Fiona gone, the 828ers lose the chance to figure out the clues they must have brought for them.

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