Feng: The Afterparty season 2 character explained

In The Afterparty season 2, Feng is the father of Grace and Zoë, whose secret comes to light when the videos recorded by his videographer during the wedding are viewed. Ken Jeong plays Feng.

Feng is a businessman who likes to call himself the King of the Bing. Feng’s company’s name is also the same, and they make and sell baobing, Taiwanese shaved ice. During Grace’s wedding, Aniq does his best to impress Feng and his wife, Vivian, only to fail miserably.

The arrival of Ulysses, Feng’s half-brother, with whom Vivian had an affair, only ruins Feng’s mood further. After Edgar’s murder, Feng and Vivian act quite suspiciously, and they don’t show interest in giving interviews for Danner’s investigation either.

Feng becomes one of the suspects when Ulysses tells Danner and Aniq that Feng offered Edgar his famed bing during the after-party.

Although Danner and Aniq don’t interrogate Feng, the videos recorded by Feng’s company’s social media manager, Kyler, reveal a lot that Feng is hiding.

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Feng’s goal

Kyler’s video tells a lot more about Feng than Feng does. He is an emotional and hardworking family man with a never-give-up attitude who loves his baobing a lot.

A few years ago, Vivian and Feng had baobing on their trip to Taiwan. When they returned, Feng started The King of the Bing. Feng recently opened a second location for his business and a catering truck, which Aniq destroyed at the start of the weekend.

However, Feng’s business is not as successful as it looks. Feng is in debt. He loses his truck because of that. Also, his family doesn’t know that Feng is having money problems. Feng planned to keep this a secret until he got Edgar to invest in his company.

Feng: The Afterparty season 2 character explained 1
Feng with his baobing

To do that, Feng pitched his idea to Edgar, but Ulysses interrupted them and ruined the moment. Later, during the wedding, Feng made baobing on his own homemade shaver to share with everyone at the wedding.

Many loved The King of Bing’s baobing. Feng hoped to receive the same reception from Edgar. However, Edgar, as well as Edgar’s pet lizard, Roxana, don’t appreciate the taste of baobing.

This breaks Feng’s heart, but he doesn’t give up and spends the night thinking about new ideas to pay back what he owes.

Feng’s wish

Danner can’t help but notice that the timing of Edgar’s poisoning and Feng offering him the baobing matches. Sick of the accusations, Feng, who sat with Danner and Aniq to watch Kyler’s videos, storms out of the room.

It’s Aniq who follows and comforts an emotional Feng, who then confesses that he started this business for Vivian. In Taiwan, Vivian fell in love with baobing, and when Feng built a shaver of his own, she got excited and encouraged him to start this business.

For Feng, his life is his wife. Vivian was proud of him, and he doesn’t want to lose that. He doesn’t want her to see him just as a safe bet—the boring engineer.

For once, he wants Vivian to see him as an adventurer, like Ulysses, and that’s why he went above and beyond for this business. Unbeknownst to Feng, Vivian admits to her daughters that what she shares with Feng is love. Her fling with Ulysses wasn’t love.

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