Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 ending explained: What is the Realm of Darkness?

Netflix’s ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ returns with its second season, giving the fans a lot of drama, lore, and magic aplenty. Picking right after the denouement of its predecessor, this season’s plot packs a considerable amount of mysteries, explanations, and set-ups for the sequel.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 picks up soon after the events of the season 1 finale. Alfea works under a new regime, led by Rosalind, who killed the former headmistress Farah Dowling and nobody else knows the truth.

All suffocating under Rosalind’s new regime, Bloom and her friends devise a plan to aid Silva to escape the captivity while he’s being escorted out to the prison. They succeed too, with Sky not lending a hand as he’s still very much conflicted about Silva after the revelations last season.

Meanwhile, Silva takes refuge in one of his old friends Sebastian’s house. Aisha meets a specialist and romantic feelings start brewing betwixt the two, although Aisha is reluctant to admit it at first.

Sam is having a hard time working under Rosalind and is embittered by his father’s helplessness too. Terra is surprised by her cousin Flora, who has come to Alfea as a student and to help Terra and her family.

Flora and Terra work on investigating what happened to the fairy called Devin, who was recently attacked by something. However, Devin does utter a name before he collapsed — Rosalind, which only increases everyone else’s suspicions and hatred for her.

Later on, Rosalind hosts a banquet where all the pompous and regal alumni are guests. While Rosalind is hosting the banquet for some ulterior motives, Stella, who was recently restricted by the headmistress within the premises via magic, is determined to expose her dark secrets to the guests.

However, she fails to do so as Rosalind, who’s always several steps ahead of almost everyone in Fate: The Winx Saga season 2, demonstrates the perfect explanation for what she has been doing and why.

Her secret efforts all this time have been to investigate and mitigate the new crisis called the “Scrapers”. They are magical creatures that suck the magic out of fairies and as per Rosalind’s claims, have been unleashed by blood witches, who she also claims have returned.

Rosalind is provided with military assistance to contend with the new problem. Meanwhile, she continues to teach Bloom how to use her powers, who although wary, slowly becomes less suspicious of Rosalind.

Meanwhile, Sam’s problems get worse as he’s frequently calmed down from his anger by Musa, who uses magic to do so without telling him. He eventually crosses the tipping point and tries to kill Rosalind. However, that doesn’t pan out to be anything drastic like that and he has to go away from Alfea with his father.

Beatrix, who has slowly been developing an empathetic friendship with Stella, is attacked by Scrapers and goes missing. Bloom and her friends go out to search for her. It’s a trap and Bloom knows who might be behind it.

Sky, Riven, Silva and Musa go to rescue Beatrix but are confronted by an influenced Andreas. Musa is attacked by the Scrapers and loses magic while Sky has to kill Andreas to save Silva.

It was Sebastian who was behind the attacks — he’s been a blood witch all along. However, before Bloom can do anything to him, he escapes. Before fleeing, he teases a little explanation about Bloom’s past and her parents.

Musa comes out to the group after revealing it to Flora earlier. Musa, meanwhile, has been living a life of relief ever since the Scrapers attacked her and took out her magic. She can live without hearing everyone’s internal thoughts and feelings, and she let them attack her knowingly.

Sebastian pitches a deal to Bloom, she gives him the Flame Dragon powers and he will tell her all about her parents and her past. Rosalind tries to take advantage of this and have Bloom kill him, however, he’s too good to fall for that.

Instead, Sebastian reveals to Bloom that it was Rosalind who killed Dowling. Enraged, Bloom confronts Rosalind and in a fit of uncontrolled rage, she lets out the Flame Dragon and kills her.

She faces trial for it and despite Stella’s attempts, Queen Luna punishes Bloom by placing her in stasis. Later on, however, she is freed from the stasis, by none other than Miss Dowling. However, the former headmistress has only returned to the living world for a short period.

Bloom and her friends prepare for the battle with the blood witches. However, they one-up the Alfeans and instead hold captive many of the fairy students within the school.

Sky is kidnapped by Sebastian and Bloom goes to free him. However, when she can’t do anything to save him, she has to agree to Sebastian’s demands — hand her the Flame Dragon powers.

Meanwhile, Beatrix interrupts the transfer of powers and Sebastian kills her for it. Bloom, Stella, Terra, and Aisha fight Sebastian and together, they defeat and destroy him.

Meanwhile, Flora and the rest of the Alfeans defeat the Scrapers and the rest of the blood witches, as Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 comes to a close.

Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 ending explained in detail:

What was Sebastian’s plan?

Sebastian serves as one of the two most formidable foes in Fate: The Winx Saga season 2, who was a prickly threat even the clever Rosalind couldn’t lay her hands upon.

One of the Blood Witches, Sebastian provided the show with much lore and explanation about Bloom’s past. But what was his grand plan all along?

The entirety of Sebastian’s plan was explained by Beatrix. Sebastian was from Aster Dell, where all of his people were exterminated. He wants them all back, all resurrected back into the world of the living.

To achieve this, Sebastian turned to the ancient texts, and one solution spoke to him — The realm of Darkness.

A powerful entity that resides in the Realm of Darkness — Shadow — has powers strong enough to bring people back from the dead. Sebastian planned to invoke Shadow to resurrect the Aster Dell populace.

However, to access Shadow, one needs to open a portal, or a conduit, to the Realm of Darkness. This is where Bloom comes into the picture since it’s her Flame Dragon powers that are required to open up the portal to the Realm of Darkness.

At the end of season 2, when Bloom bids everyone farewell and is about to walk into the portal she saw in her premonitions, Sky comes and stops her.

That’s when Bloom theorizes that the purpose of acquiring her powers was not so Sebastian could open the portal, as he had probably already done it with all the magic he extracted out of the other fairies.

No, Sebastian wanted Bloom’s powers so that he could prevent her from ever closing it.

What dwells in the Realm of Darkness?

Fate: The Winx Saga leaves the viewers with an exciting bit of addition to the lore — the Realm of Darkness, and the dangers lurking therein. However, It’s not so much what is in the Realm of Darkness, but who.

Sebastian reveals quite a bit about Bloom’s past to her at the final confrontation. He tells her about her mother and her identity and also how she confined herself to the Realm of Darkness so that no one could be hurt by her in the Otherworld.

Bloom, who now knows about her mother, wants more than ever to seek her out and meet her. She also needs to go through the portal to close it, since it can’t be closed from the Otherworld — one must enter into the Realm of Darkness to close it.

As for the residents of Realm of Darkness, it’s reasonable to surmise that the perilous realm contains swathes of mysterious and dangerous contents, creatures, and characters.

One of these diabolically perilous entities is Shadow — the very thing Sebastian wished to invoke to resurrect his people from Aster Dell. In a cliffhanger twist at the end of season 2, it is revealed that Shadow has already breached through to the Otherworld.

Meanwhile, Bloom arrives at the building in the Realm of Darkness she saw in her premonitions. Inside is a mysterious woman who seems to be making some sort of potion like a witch. However, it could just be some dish she’s cooking.

Bloom calls the woman “mom”. However, the jury is still out on if the woman is Bloom’s mother or not. Regardless of that bit of mystery, some not-so-mysterious peculiarities about the Realm of Darkness are that it’s rife with perilous creatures and replete with all kinds of horrors.

Is Beatrix truly gone for good?

Beatrix goes through quite a bit of character development in season 2 of Fate: The Winx Saga. However, some might argue that she’s too good of a character to waste on an unremarkable send-off like that.

The sassy and morally grey Beatrix would do anything to survive. However, despite her seemingly cold ways, she’s an empathetic human and a good friend.

Sacrificing herself to interrupt Sebastian and cease the transfer of power from Bloom to him was noble, albeit a dud of a way to die.

However, fans of the character would be relieved and justified in their hopefulness for her return. It’s most probably not the end of her story just yet.

It could’ve been it for Beatrix, but the arrival of Shadow — the entity from the Real of Darkness that can resurrect the dead — changes things.

It’s a reasonable deduction to make, that the arrival of the entity leaves some doors open for someone, most likely Stella, to use Shadow and resurrect Beatrix. However, it’s also reasonable to forecast a great many perils that it will wreak upon the Otherworld.

The next installment of Fate: The Winx Saga is likely to see the character’s return and the consequent developments thereafter.

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