Fatal Seduction volume 2 summary and ending explained

Fatal Seduction volume 2 extends the web of sex, murder, and deceit that the Mahlati family is increasingly getting entangled in.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Vuyo confronts Leonard about Brenda’s death and clarifies he isn’t sleeping with Nandi. Leonard and Nandi reconcile and reignite the passion they’ve lost. Not for long, though, as Jacob returns with a quest for vengeance.

His object of revenge is Zinhle, whose virginity he takes while her parents think she’s kidnapped. Nandi confesses to Leonard that she has had an affair with Jacob and he’s out there to take revenge, also revealing his identity.

Later, Leonard receives a letter from the sender who knows that he framed Benjamin Jiba ten years ago. This causes him to hyperventilate and suffer a heart attack.

Vuyo reveals some damning truths about Leonard to Nandi, including his affair with Brenda, hiring someone to shoot his own brother, and that he was with Brenda that day before she died. Meanwhile, Zinhle overhears Nandi and Jacob, learning that they’ve had a sexual relationship.

Charlie Chace is killed and detectives begin investigating that while also digging into the Jiba case. Zinhle sees her mother kissing Jacob, but not the part where Nandi ends it all with him, which breaks Zinhle even more.

Meanwhile, the authorities arrest Leonard after the local thug jumps Detective Roxanne confesses that he was hired by the judge. Leonard becomes more and more dazed and confused as Nandi tries to get him to tell the truth about Brenda.

Meanwhile, Vuyo helps Leonard break out of the hospital and stay at a hideout until he prepares for him and Nandi to run away to Mozambique. He also offers Jacob a way out of his family’s life, promising him justice for his father, five million in money, and the best care for his mother.

Leonard comes to Nandi to take her away but in the ensuing chaos, Zinhle arrives and thinking he might prove dangerous for her mother, impales him with a katana. Nandi takes the blame in her daughter’s place and gets arrested.

She later tries for bail but evidence found in her laptop and at home points to her conspiring to kill her husband. She gets sent to prison as Vuyo reveals a shocking truth.

Fatal Seduction season 1 ends with the Minister’s mistress, Precious, warning Vuyo to put an end to the investigations into the Jiba case.

Fatal Seduction volume 2 ending explained in detail:

Who killed Brenda?

Brenda killed herself. It was the consensus at first that she committed suicide but later on, when two used condoms were discovered where she died, it led to detectives entertaining the possibility that it might have been a murder.

Jacob was the person who visited her again and Vuyo saw that on the footage he procured from Charlie Chace. He thought that Jacob killed her, given the clear motive that he had for it. However, he later learns that it wasn’t him.

He also comes across Leonard in the tapes and tells Nandi that her husband might have murdered Brenda, revealing to her that Leonard was having an affair with her late friend for years. However, he later confesses that he was just playing Nandi, and just about everyone else.

Vuyo had already learned the truth about Brenda’s death, thanks to the voicemail she sent him and he took a lot of time listening to it.

In the voicemail, Brenda confessed that her brother got her to lie in the Jiba case and that she has always liked him but now that she finds no hope for getting with him, she’s taking her own life. In the Fatal Seduction volume 2 finale, Vuyo confesses that he knew about it all along.

Why does Vuyo want revenge?

Vuyo was the leading detective working on the Jiba case and believed that he was not the culprit. However, Leonard got Benjamin Jiba framed and to get his brother out of the case, he got Charlie Chace to shoot him in the leg.

The injury put Vuyo out of commission as a cop. He had always loved Brenda and they were having an affair, but he later learns that she had loved her brother Leonard more and that they were having an affair for years too.

Vuyo learns about both of these things eventually and it messes up his brain chemistry, destroying him from the inside as he already was jealous of his brother taking his former lover Nandi from him.

For the same man to later ruin his professional and personal life further was just too much for Vuyo to bear. He decided that his rich brother had to pay back for his crimes, so he took revenge for himself, Benjamin Jiba, and Brenda.

He poisons Leonard and uses his confusion to sign away his assets. Vuyo then gets Leonard out of the hospital, shooting a cop while breaking out of the place, which Leonard takes the fall for willingly, believing he owes his brother this much for all the help he’s offering.

He then takes Leonard to an abandoned bus that acts as a hideout. He then gets fake passports for him and Nandi to go to Mozambique.

Leonard, in his daze, goes to Nandi and tries to get her to go with him and start life anew, all while swinging a gun hysterically. Nandi at this time believes that Leonard has most likely killed Brenda, and in the ensuing chaos, Zinhle comes down and impales her father with a sword.

Nandi takes the blame and gets arrested, while Leonard is in critical but stable condition. She tries to get bail for herself but detective Roxanne finds evidence at her home that point to her actively planning the murder of her husband. This prevents Nandi from getting bail.

This was all, Nandi finds out at the end of Fatal Seduction season 2, Vuyo’s doing. He was the one who planted the evidence incriminating her. It was because she withheld a major secret about the nature of his real relationship with Zinhle all his life.

Who is Zinhle’s father?

Zinhle’s biological father is Vuyo. It’s a secret that Nandi and Leonard have kept to themselves all of Zinhle’s life. The truth is revealed at the end of Fatal Seduction volume 2 when Leonard, who’s hit rock bottom, confesses it to his brother.

Vuyo later asks Nandi about any major secret that she might be keeping from him, telling her it’s her chance to come clean with him.

She says she has nothing to tell him. This was the last straw for Vuyo and he then decides to take revenge on Nandi as well, for depriving him of the chance to live with his daughter.

Nandi had tried to get Leonard to tell Vuyo about the truth seventeen years ago. However, at that time, Leonard had already been raising Zinhle for a while, and refused to give her up, arguing that she would be fated to a poor life with Vuyo.

The two then raised Zinhle by themselves while all his life, Vuyo has had to hear about having no kids and thus knowing nothing about how to raise them.

Also, without knowing of his true relationship with Zinhle, he has already developed a strong bond with her, which is why it hurts all the worse for him to know about the truth.

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