Far from Home ending explained: Does Oga Ramon kill Ishaya?

Netflix’s latest Nigerian drama miniseries, ‘Far from Home’ follows a young boy who gets tangled in a drug racket while trying to aim for the top and a life of luxury.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Ishaya belongs to a very poor background. His dream is to become an artist under the wings of Essien, a famous London-based artist. He saves up to fly to London in order to become Essien’s apprentice. But his parents, Ishaya Sr and Patricia, want him to put aside his artistic ambitions and focus on earning.

His sister Rahila, on her birthday, notices an advertisement for an open application process for the prestigious Wilmer School, where a scholarship is being made available. He offers to accompany her, but she declines to apply because she cannot afford the application fee. Amidst this, Ishaya works two to three jobs a day to collect enough money to travel in secrecy.

Ishaya becomes desperate after his family dips into his savings to help one of his father’s numerous health issues. Ishaya is now more determined to travel abroad.

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He overhears a father telling his son Denrele that he has the answer key to the Wilmer entrance exam and that the scholarship comes with a $10,000 reward at one of Patricia’s wealthy cleaning clients’ homes (worth about 6 million Nigerian Naira).

When Denrele, who insists he can get in on his own, throws out the answer key, Ishaya picks it up and devises a strategy: he’ll ace the test, get the scholarship, and then go to London with the $10,000.

The devious plan looks lucrative, however, Ishaya needs the application fee first, so he decides to steal it from another boss’s “money cage”: club owner Government, even though he witnesses Government and his right-hand man, Oga Rambo, murder someone for “getting high on our supply” and feed the dead man to a hungry hyena. Ishaya does not shy away from risk.

The root of all problems begins here. Ishaya’s journey becomes risky, in the sense that he is made to sell molly in order to repay the stolen money. If he does not, his sister Rahila will be made to become a stripper. Ishaya devises another plan. After becoming a part of Wilmer School, Ishaya creates a consumer base for the drugs. He quickly becomes friends with Carmen, Frank, Reggie, and other quite popular schoolmates.

Amidst this, Adufe, Ishaya’s ex, is offended by Ishaya’s plan to visit London, primarily because he never told her about it, dumps him, and begins hanging out with Oga Rambo. She too is caught in the drug racket.

There comes a point where Ishaya is compelled to help Adufe to kidnap one of his close friends and classmates, Frank. Adufe does this to cover up the money she lost due to the fact that she lost her stock of molly which was expected of her to sell. Once she sees the profit of this and simultaneously realizes Ishaya’s closeness to another classmate, Carmen – Adufe strikes again. She plans to kidnap Carmen next out of spite.

After a chaotic mess, Ishaya reveals the truth about Oga Ramon and Mr Government to the school authorities. Actions are taken to arrest the two, but only Mr Government is arrested. Oga Ramon swears to kill Ishaya and attempts to as well. However, in the end, Adufe with the help of Baido, Oga Ramon’s bodyguard, overpowers Ramon and becomes the owner of his empire.

The movie concludes with Ishaya being thrown out of his house by his father due to all the problems that Ishaya created. Nevertheless, his idol Essien does notify his art on television. Carmen is made to attend rehab due to her drug and alcohol addiction. Mr Government is still in prison; and, Ramon is caged by Adufe, the new leader.

‘Far from Home’ ending explained in detail:

Does Oga Ramon kill Ishaya?

Ishaya reveals all the illegal doings to the school authorities when he realizes that his love interest Carmen could be harmed by Adufe. The realization of how everything is about to fall apart and hurt more of his loved ones compels Ishaya to take this step. It’s his only way to escape and save himself and others.

Due to the reveal, the school authorities take quick action and attempt to arrest the criminals. However, only Mr Government is arrested. Ramon, Adufe, and Ramon’s bodyguard, Baido, flee to a hideout. Oga Ramon swears to kill Ishaya for the betrayal.

After a few attempts to catch hold of Ishaya, Ramon manages to get Ishaya. However, before he could choke Ishaya to death, Adufe attacks Ramon. She knocks him out unconscious and orders Baido to take Ramon away.

To conclude, Oga Ramon does not kill Ishaya. Instead, Ramon is held captive by Adufe while Ishaya goes on to lead a life as an artist.

What happens to Carmen?

Carmen is the popular girl at Wilmer School, the one which her parents own. At the start of ‘Far From Home’, Carmen is low on confidence and suffers from severe anxiety. She is addicted to pills. At first, she consumes strong painkillers but then proceeds to intake molly. It is also revealed that she has a problem handling her alcohol.

As ‘Far From Home’ proceeds, it is seen that Carmen’s parents are very concerned about her. They do everything they can to prevent her from consuming any sort of addiction. Despite that, the miniseries comes to an end showing the audience that Carmen has been made to attend rehab. She does not go home for even Christmas.

Are Frank and Rahila still together?

Frank and Rahila do not continue their friendship, let alone their romantic connection. After Frank is kidnapped, because of Adufe and Ishaya’s evil plan, there is no such contact between Rahila and Frank. Their connection is on pause.

Toward the end of ‘Far From Home’, it is seen that Rahila ignores Frank’s calls. Everyone has moved on in life and so has Rahila. She shows no sign of reconciliation. On the other hand, Frank is seen to keep hope for the relationship.

What happens to Adufe?

Adufe quickly becomes a close ally to Oga Ramon, despite Mr Government’s disliking. She quits her job at the salon to become one of Ramon’s drug sellers. Adufe does not get to sell any drugs but instead uses evil plans to extract money to recuperate for the lost molly.

Baido, Ramon’s bodyguard, becomes an ally to Adufe and helps her overpower Ramon. In the very last shot of the scene, Adufe has a new makeover, and she is now in charge of the illegal business that Ramon once controlled. To add to that, Adufe has Ramon locked in a cage like an animal, thus, radiating power and dominance.

Is Mr Government still in Prison?

Ishaya reveals all the details of the illegal doings in order to put a stop to all the devious plans conducted by Adufe and Oga Ramon. When the school authorities take action, they take the help of the police. The police only manage to get hold of Mr Government.

Mr Government is not freed from prison. In the last 5 minutes of ‘Far From Home’, it is seen that he is still in his prison cell, and he is watching Essien speak well of Ishaya.

Does Ishaya follow his dream of being an artist?

Ishaya has had a terrible track record. He has indulged in many different illegal activities and has had to pay the price for each one of them.

He loses his friends by the end of ‘Far From Home’, but he does continue to pursue his love for art. In fact, his talent is also recognised by his idol, Essien.

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