Faisal: Tahir’s House character explained

In Tahir’s House, Faisal is the brother of Aida. He only keeps helping Youssef and his family in hopes of reconciling with his sister. Khalid Abdoun plays Faisal.

Faisal comes into the picture when Jumaa thinks of selling the fish shop to him. Youssef requests Faisal not to buy the shop, and Faisal is fine with it if he gets a chance to meet Aida and reconcile with her.

Faisal is into swindling and fraud, and hence, Aida doesn’t want to have him around. While Aida keeps her distance from Faisal, Youssef continues to require Faisal’s money for his Habsa business.

For Jumaa, Faisal gave up the store, but he is not lending Youssef any money. He would rather invest in Youssef’s business for 20%. Youssef and Faisal come to a deal, and Faisal gets involved in the Habsa business too.

Faisal’s store becomes a huge help

Faisal asks for his money back to invest in a place that’s up for sale. It’s when Faisal hears the kind of business the Tahirs are getting into that he starts realizing the potential their business has.

Faisal: Tahir's House character explained 1
Youssef tells Faisal about their business

The product created by the Tahirs further impresses Faisal, who is ready to be their partner. He allows Youssef and the Tahirs to use his pharmacy and storerooms whenever they want.

Faisal’s pharmacy becomes a huge help when Abu Rayan insists on having a musical event for his daughter’s wedding at the Tahirs’ spacious guest house. The Tahirs move all the Habsa that they have grown to Faisal’s pharmacy.

A new opportunity

Faisal and Karim are caught storing the Habsa in the former’s pharmacy. They go missing for a while before coming back to the Tahirs’ guest house.

It turns out that Faisal’s employee at the pharmacy overheard Faisal and Youssef’s conversation. He has an excellent client in the form of Sultan Al-Mallah, the owner of Al-Mallah Pharmaceuticals.

Sultan Al-Mallah and the Tahirs come to a deal. Unfortunately, failing to get a permit puts a stop to their business. Sultan Al-Mallah brings them back into this business by blackmailing them using a video recorded by Karim, which features the Tahirs growing Habsa.

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