Everything Calls for Salvation ending explained: Do Daniele and Nina end up together?

Everything Calls for Salvation is an Italian drama series about a troubled young man who wakes up involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital for a week, which changes his life forever. This series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Daniele is a troubled young man who indulges in drugs and binge drinks on weekends. One morning, he wakes up in a Psychiatric Treatment and Diagnosis Ward with no memory of what happened or how he got there after stumbling home and passing out on his bed.

Dr. Cimaroli informs him that she was summoned to the emergency room last night for a consultation. He was upset and out of control, so they had to sedate him twice.

Daniele has no recollection of anything other than going to a club with his friends to dance, returning home, and falling asleep. Dr. Cimaroli finally reveals that he lost his control that night and pushed his father, causing him to fall and hit his head.

Now, Daniele has no choice but to spend 7 days in the hospital for mandatory treatment.

During his time there, Daniele begins wondering what he has in common with these patients.

He runs into Nina in the hospital one night, a girl he had a crush on in college who is now a famous actress. He decides to find out how she ended up in the psychiatric hospital and starts stalking her.

Daniele resents his new roommates, and when they start prying into his personal life, he loses his temper. What starts as reluctance and disgust for his roommates quickly transforms into genuine love and affection for them.

Daniele’s roommates join him on his journey, and they have big personalities—and big hearts.

There’s Gianluca, a queer guy whose parents detest him for being different; Madonnina, who doesn’t communicate properly; Giorgio, who is fixated on his mother, who passed away without saying goodbye to him; and Mario, a schoolteacher, who attempted to kill his wife and daughter but now lives in regret.

One day, Madonnina accidentally steals a lighter and sets fire to a room, causing panic in the hospital.

Since the hospital is unbreathable, all of the patients are relocated to a park, where Daniele runs into Nina. They spend time talking to one another and start getting along.

Nina gets more at ease with him and tells him about her affair with the famous Weiss brand owner, who hired her as his poster girl. When he married a super-rich and powerful woman and refused to leave her, Nina ended their relationship.

The hateful comments and her tragic life drove her to commit suicide, which is how she ended up here.

Nina asks Daniele to meet her at night so they can watch the fireworks from the rooftop together. In order to do that, he knocks out the nurse by putting sleeping pills in her drink and sneaks out on the roof with Nina.

They get intimate, but when the fireworks begin, one of his roommates, Gianluca, notices that Daniele is missing and complains to the nurse out of jealousy. The nurse sounds the alarm and locates them on the roof.

Everything Calls for Salvation ending explained in detail:

What becomes of Mario and Giorgio?

As he spends more time with his roommates, Daniele realizes that his feelings for them are indescribable because they are the closest thing to his true nature that he’s ever met. He refers to them as brothers found on the same boat in the middle of a storm.

One afternoon, Mario falls out of the window when he tries to feed the birds and leans too far. This incident deeply affects all of the roommates.

They admit him to the hospital and discover that he has internal bleeding and several fractures. All of Mario’s roommates pray for his recovery, but the next morning he is declared dead.

Giorgio requests Dr. Cimaroli to allow him to visit Mario in intensive care to say his final goodbyes. When she denies the request, he loses control and acts violently toward the doctors and staff.

Giorgio is transferred to the prison’s psychiatric ward following his violent outburst, with the facility believing that he is a danger to himself and others.

Why do Nina and Daniele stop talking to each other?

Following the rooftop incident, Dr. Cimaroli decides to place Daniele in voluntary confinement for violating the rules, and Nina’s mother threatens her with a lawsuit if she meets Daniele again.

When Daniele still meets Nina, she reveals that she fled when the nurse discovered them on the roof and while he was being taken to see Dr. Cimaroli that night. She attempted to contact her ex-boyfriend, but when he did not answer her calls, she came back.

Daniele loses control when he realizes that, because of Nina, who ran away that night, he has to stay in the psychiatric ward for another week. An enraged Daniele yells at her, and from that point on, they stop talking to each other.

What happens to Daniele and Nina after their discharge?

Dr. Cimaroli decides to discharge Daniele early after Mario’s death, citing a diagnosis of major depression, and advises him to meet Nina, as she’s in much worse shape than he is.

Daniele meets Nina before he’s discharged, and she admits that she feels comfortable with him and wishes to keep in touch. Nina tries to contact him after she is released from the hospital, but he completely ignores her.

He eventually breaks and texts her back, saying he’ll be there for Mario’s funeral if she wants to meet him. When she fails to appear at the funeral, he stalks her on social media and discovers that she will be at a club.

He notices that Nina is high and out of control at the club. He confronts her for pretending to be fine when she is clearly in pain and leaves the party.

Back home, he discovers that Nina has finally disclosed on social media about her seven-day stay in a psychiatric hospital and her intent to commit suicide because her life was in shambles.

Daniele is delighted that she has finally recognized her pain and has decided to step away from her career. They start dating, and Nina reveals that she is pregnant, which Daniele thinks is a good thing.

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