Ethan: Never Have I Ever season 4 character explained

Ethan is a newly popular kid at Sherman Oaks who causes some temporary dissension between Devi and Eleanor. The character is played by Michael Cimino.

At the beginning of the new school year, Eleanor and Devi notice the “hot pocket” have all gone through puberty, making them much more desirable as teenagers.

The head of the pack is Ethan, a rule-breaker who spends his lunch break skateboarding in the parking lot and causing minor property damage. Eleanor is immediately infatuated with him but tries to hide it in front of Trent.

After Trent and her break up, Eleanor decides to move on by going after Ethan. Meanwhile, Devi learns that he was the one who spray-painted her car so she scolds him and orders him to fix it.

He finds this attractive and tells her that he likes her. He invites the girls to a party but ends up kissing Eleanor and Devi within 15 minutes of each other which causes the two friends to get into an argument.

Ethan: Never Have I Ever season 4 character explained 1
Ethan flirts with Devi and Eleanor simultaneously

After eventually making up with each other, Eleanor tells Devi that she can have Ethan since she is just looking for a distraction to get over her breakup.

Not the best influence

Devi begins dating Ethan and with it comes all of the sexual escapades she always dreamt of having in high school. However, her guidance counselor and best friends all agree that he’s a bad influence on her, even if she cannot see it yet.

Devi doesn’t take their words seriously until the college fair when reps from all the major colleges visit their high school. Devi comes on too strong with the Princeton rep, Akshara, and almost ruins her shot. She mentions this to Ethan and he gives her some words of encouragement.

Later on, Devi convinces Akshara to hear her out, and while she’s sitting down with the rep, Ethan walks up to them to hype up Devi and her brilliance. Devi is impressed that Ethan actually improved her chances but that good feeling doesn’t last long.

While making out in a storage closet, Devi knocks over Ethan’s bag and finds Akshara’s wallet inside. He says that she deserved it since she was rude to Devi earlier. Devi realizes that Ethan is a straight-up bad person and breaks up with him right then and there.

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