Eternally Confused and Eager for Love summary and ending explained

‘Eternally Confused and Eager for Love’ revolves around an awkward overthinking adult who struggles to make conversations with women. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Right from his introduction, it is obvious that Ray (Vihaan Samat) has a hard time making conversation with women. He constantly talks to his inner voice, which is personified in the form of Wiz (voiced by Jim Sarbh), a keychain.

Ray has two close friends; schoolmate Riya (Dalai) and work buddy Varun (Ankur Rathee), with whom he confides his love life and struggles.

To give him a nudge, his parents (Rahul Bose and Suchitra Pillai) set him up with their friends’ daughter Pari. But, Ray has cold feet and ends up standing her up, and is told off by Riya.

She sets him up with her colleague who recently had a breakup, Karishma, and while the date is going well, Ray makes an insensitive joke about her grandfather, ruining the night.

Ray goes to a party with Riya and her friends. One of them, Naina, shows interest in Ray, but he gets flustered and avoids her, and she eventually kisses another man.

Ray had lied to his parents that Pari stood him up. When his parents organize a dinner at Pari’s house, he wishes to fall sick. To his surprise, the dinner is canceled because Pari’s father fell sick, something Wiz suggests happened because he wished to fall sick himself.

He messages her after the heart attack and they reconnect when he meets her at the hospital. He also downloads a dating app called Homerun.

Ray’s father advises him to not say stupid things and ‘be his own diaper’, an analogy straight out of the baby store he runs.

Just when everything’s going well, Ray goes against the advice and tells Pari that her father had a heart attack because he wished to fall sick himself, ruining things between them as well.

To make matters worse, Ray’s attempt to help an office worker feel safe backfires, and she files for harassment, leading to him losing his job.

Incidents at a party also result in Ray and Riya having a fight after he asks her out but she refuses and the two are not on talking terms

One of his Homerun dates, with a woman named Ruchika, goes well, but she gets frustrated and leaves when he doesn’t have a condom and she wants to take it a step further.

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Eternally Confused and Eager for Love ending explained in detail: (Episode 8: Ray + Who? = Love)

Making amends

After the whole Ruchika episode, Ray and Wiz decide to explore uncharted territories; figuring out what condoms are. 

After searching in his own house, Ray finally gathers some sense and goes to the chemist, leading to more questions about the variety of them.

Ray gets an invite from Varun for his and Priyanka’s celebration party for their engagement. He also tells Ray to patch things up with Riya.

Ray brings his house help Umesh’s chicken curry that the two had together in school as a peace offering.

They talk things out and both apologise to each other. Ray also invites Riya and her friends to Varun’s engagement celebration party.

The two also have a ‘How I Met Your Mother’ moment when they make a pact to marry each other if they’re both single at the age of 40, just like Ted and Robin did on the show.

Go with the flow

Ray gets an ultimatum from his parents that if he is unable to figure out a job for himself within a few days, they will get him to work in their friend’s company.

He gets ready for Varun’s party and meets Naina there. It’s a bit awkward but they let bygones be bygones. He also ends up arguing with Komal again, something that happens each and every time the two meet.

Riya tells him that she called Arjun, the man she wanted to be with, who told her that he had broken up with his girlfriend. Turned out, he lied and his girlfriend picked up the phone and told her to stay away.

With nothing going well for both of them, they decide to have all the kamikaze shots on the table, as Ray tells Wiz that he has decided to go with the flow and not plan anything.

Clearly intoxicated, he brings out dance moves like never before, having a great time with everybody at the party, right before a blackout. 

Who does Ray ‘end up’ with?

Ray wakes up the next morning, having no memory of the night before. He is in his bed and clearly slept with someone after the party. Good call on getting that condom.

He and Wiz quickly try to figure out who they slept with. Was it Riya?, or Naina? In a twist, it is revealed that he actually slept with Komal.

Left surprised and confused about how things have panned out, Ray tells Wiz that he has no interest in Komal and he thinks she’s crazy.

In the end, just as he is about to leave the room, his parents and Komal stand right in front of him, giving the biggest smiles of their lives. Ray and Wiz clearly know they’re in trouble. Are Ray and Naina ‘a thing’ now?

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