Who is Esther? The Fabulous character explained

In ‘The Fabulous’, Esther is the assistant-cum-friend of Joseph, a budding designer. She knows how to manage him better than anyone else. Esther is played by Lee Si-woo.

Although Joseph is a talented designer, he was yet to be recognized for his talent at the beginning of the series. It was not without his fair share of failures that Joseph achieved success.

In his journey to the top, it was Esther who always stood beside him and provided him with the support he needed. Joseph is an extremely sensitive individual, and Esther knows how to make him feel better whenever he is feeling low.

Esther’s role in Joseph’s life

Joseph’s brand, MR JOSEPH, is more or less managed by Esther. She is Joseph’s most trusted friend and employee.

When Joseph’s brand is not doing too well, Esther comes up with strategies to improve his business. Joseph is opposed to these common practices employed by small-time designers to market their products.

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He believes approaching celebrities for marketing purposes is almost like begging. Therefore, Esther assures him that she would do the begging on his behalf. She is aware of how certain clients want to be treated and guides Joseph accordingly; she forces him to bow deeply to Ms. Hong. 

She knows him so well that she can speak to the clients on his behalf, already knowing what his answers would be.

Esther is also the only person who gives Joseph reality checks when he needs them. She advises him to act professionally in meetings and reminds him that he is not popular enough to get upset about people thinking of him as just another designer among many others.

However, she also comforts him when he is sad. She knows exactly what to offer him to lift his mood and what to say to him when he is plagued by self-doubt.

She looks out for him. She does not let him know about things that would upset him and can be avoided. Joseph’s mother acknowledges that he is lucky to have her.

When Joseph refused Thierry’s job offer, Esther supported his decision, telling him that she does not want to lose this Joseph, which made him confident about his decision. 

The Fabulous Esther
Esther comforts Joseph after he rejects Thierry’s offer

Joseph trusts her judgment to the extent that he allows her to pick the styles for his portfolio. He sometimes uses her as his model.

When Joseph remarks that his brand would not exist without Esther, she tells him that there would be no Esther without his brand either, which speaks volumes about their relationship.

Joseph and Esther’s history

Esther is not just Joseph’s employee, she is one of his closest friends. She goes along with his crazy ideas like throwing salt on themselves, which is done to keep away despised people, after an influencer’s visit.

Esther met Joseph in college. She was scammed by a college in Paris. As a result, she had no money, no place, and no clothes. 

Joseph found her crying in the rain and took her in. He provided her with everything and helped her find a new college. He looked after her and encouraged her, and that is why she considers it the most important anniversary in her life.

In college, the two friends did everything together and always had each other’s backs. Joseph earned Esther’s loyalty, and in turn, Esther became his support system.

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