Enya: Sanctuary character explained

In Sanctuary, Enya is the star sumo wrestler of Ensho’s stable and is returning to competition after recovering from a major knee injury. Age-wise, the upcoming tournament is Enya’s last chance to chase his dreams.

Initially, after their first visit to Ensho’s stable, Tokitsu wanted Kunishima to write an article on Enya’s return to the competition. Enya has had quite a career. He easily made it to Komusubi and nearly made it to Sekiwake.

Due to his injury, he missed some tournaments, and his rank dropped. At this point, a normal person retires, but Enya never gave up. According to Tokitsu, considering Enya’s age, this might be his last attempt to chase glory. Everyone sees Enya as an excellent wrestler. They do want to see him get back to his best.

Enya, much like all sumo wrestlers in the show, does bully the other wrestlers to make them better. That doesn’t mean that he completely hates them. He aims to see the same progress he makes in others.

Everyone in Ensho’s stable respects Enya. No one dares to argue when he says something needs to be done. With the tournament coming, Enya gets into the fighting spirit like never before.

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Apart from that, Enya is also one of the few who sees Enno as someone who is actually talented. From time to time, Enya drops hints on what Enno needs to do to get better, and by following his advice, Enno marks his first victory over Enga.

Enya’s injury strikes back

Enya had fallen from Juryo to Mukushita. During a tournament, he secures his return to the Juryo. Unfortunately, his knee injury gets an unexpected push. The injury sends him down a division.

Enya: Sanctuary character explained 1
The doctor advises Enya to go through a surgery

The doctors say that the only way his knee will heal is if he undergoes surgery, and if he opts to go through one, he will never be able to compete again. Thus, Enya will have to retire once and for all.

Enya has a kid and is expecting another child with his wife. Enya sees the end of his career coming, and even his wife makes a note of it. She thanks him for everything he has done for them.

Enya’s relationship with Enku

While Enya has many fans and many see him as their inspiration, Enku is different. He desires to follow in Enya’s footsteps and be his successor one day—someone who will make Ensho’s stable stronger.

In order to do that, Enku does everything to make sure he is in Enya’s eyes. When Enya starts giving Enno more attention, it hurts Enku. To put a cherry on top, Enno succeeds, becoming something Enku wanted to.

Eventually, Enku confronts Enya, asking why he chose Enno over him. At first, Enya upsets Enku more by saying that Enno is better than him. He also reveals that he knows Enku is abusing Enno online by telling Enku to express his emotions in the dohyo.

Later, when Enya retires, he tells Enku to get out of his shadow and find the sumo that defines him.

Does Enya achieve his dreams?

During a training session, Enya pours out his frustration on the sumo wrestlers of Ensho’s stable. Enno recognizes the fear in his eyes. Enya is afraid of facing Shizuuchi.

Enno and Enya engage in a heated bout, which ends with Enno accidentally hurting Enya’s injured knee. Before leaving to see the doctor, Enya assures Enno that this is not his fault. Enno stays insensitive toward this issue, which makes Enku hit Enno.

Enya begs the doctors to give him something that will stop the pain. He falls to his feet and cries, as this is his last chance to compete. Everyone tunes in to see how Enya will compete in what could be his last match. Even Enno is affected.

Enya loses the match against Shizuuchi, but he receives a hero’s goodbye. This marks the end of Enya’s journey as a sumo wrestler, as he will be retiring.

Enya’s backstory

During Enya’s retirement ceremony, everyone gets to thank Enya for his contribution to the sumo wrestling industry. When Ensho’s turn comes, Enya reminds him about the day he got his shikona name.

Enya: Sanctuary character explained 2
Enya reminds Ensho of the day he received his shikona name

A flashback reveals that Enya lost his father at a young age and skipped high school in order to support his mother. The day Enya received his shikona name, Ensho promised to walk a different valley with Enya.

Ensho said that they would climb the hill together and called a young Enya his son. In the present, Enya admits that he did think of Ensho as his father and thanked him for everything. Ensho, in turn, says that, for the rest of his life, he will be proud of him.

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