Entrapped ending explained: Who killed Ívar?

Netflix’s Entrapped is the third and latest installment in the ‘Trapped’ series. The sequel follows returning pair of investigators Andri and Hinrika as they uncover a murder mystery surrounding a drug racket, a cult, and an old disappearance case.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Entrapped kicks off with a skirmish between a biker gang which goes by the name of ‘Horns’ and a cult called ‘The Family’. The skirmish is related to a dispute both factions have over the piece of land the cult dwells on.

The story further unravels quite a bit of connection between the cult leaders and some members of the gang. However, the plot rolls into motion when Ívar Kristjánsson of ‘The Family’ is murdered in cold blood. The tragedy occurs the same night following the skirmish Ívar had with Gunnar of the gang.

The police investigations commence and Andri and Hinrika team up once again. Despite Andri now working for the financial theft department, he’s roped into the case since he had a murky past with Ívar, back when his girlfriend Lína went missing and he had no alibi.

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Ívar was later proved innocent but the hurt to his reputation, his father informs Andri, made him join the cult. Andri now feels a great sense of guilt and Ívar’s parents demand — as a punishment — that he find out their son’s killer.

Andri, along with Hinrika and Trausti, starts the investigations while having a strong hunch that Lína’s disappearance all those years ago and Ívar’s murder — both are somehow connected.

More details emerge, and it’s revealed that Gunnar is the son of Oddur — the co-founder of the cult. Ívar and Gunnar were in the same friend circle once. However, when Ívar joined Gunnar’s father to start the cult, a rift grew between them.

Gunnar’s fight for the land that The Family lives on is also aided by his uncle Danish Hopper. It is he who leads the ‘Horns’ and has now planned to spread the drug smuggling business to Iceland. The land acquisition would help the deeds significantly.

Meanwhile, Bergur, who was Lína’s brother and a childhood friend of Ívar, laundered money for Gunnar and Hopper from the bar that Ívar owned. At Ásar (the farm where The Family dwells), another bit of suspicious info is revealed. Oddur’s current partner Ása and Ívar were having an affair and had sex moments before the latter’s murder.

There are a ton of characters at the center and the periphery of this Netflix murder mystery of Sigöldugljúfur. Most of them pass through the circle of suspicion. However, the real perpetrators are only uncovered and unmasked at the very end.

Entrapped ending explained in detail:

Who killed Ívar and why?

Throughout its entire runtime and until the very end of its six-episode run, ‘Entrapped’ only distracts the viewer with a whole slew of characters that all feel like suspects. Some emanate stronger suspect vibes than others.

However, the prime revelation at the end feels like an easy way out. It’s Bergur who killed Ívar. With the help of Eirikur, Andri gets his hands on security footage of the night of Ívar’s murder. Ívar’s father and Bergur could be seen arguing in the footage.

This leads Andri and Trausti to head off to Ívar’s funeral up at Ásar. They question Kristján and he reveals a hideous bit of secret he had been keeping from everyone.

As it turns out, Kristján had slept with Lína once while both of them were drunk. When Bergur learned of this, he ran off to Ívar to reveal it to him as well. However, to his utter shock, Ívar already knew of it.

What’s more, Ívar, who deemed Lína a slut, also killed her and disposed of her. As soon as he admits he killed Lína, Bergur picks up a hammer and murders Ívar by crushing his skull with a hammer.

Did the cult have anything to do with Ívar’s murder?

The cult does raise a lot of suspicions early on. The two core suspects for Ívar’s murder at early onset are Oddur and Ása — the leaders of the cult. The investigations soon uncover that Ása was in a sexual relationship with Ívar.

However, this was a fact unknown to Oddur, who was perturbed when he found out. A possibility entailed him already knowing of this affair and killing Ívar at the cave while Àsa wasn’t present.

However, Oddur didn’t know of the affair at the time and might have still not gone through with such a cold-blooded act, had he become aware of it. Ása, however, does seem like a very plausible suspect.

At the very start of Entrapped, we see Ívar kissing a mysterious woman goodbye at the caves, moments before his gruesome death. Later, it is revealed that the woman was Ása, making the suspicions already levied on this mysterious woman even stronger.

However, as the season comes to its denouement, that theory is put to rest as well. The real killer is revealed and it’s not from the cult.

Did Kristján know about the real murderer?

Kristján harbored a creepy secret from his family. He had once slept with his own son’s girlfriend, Lína, who eventually did reveal this fact to her brother, Bergur.

Unbeknownst to Bergur, Ívar was also privy to the secret and in fact, was so repulsed by it that he killed Lína for it. Bergur, meanwhile, only used this information as leverage against Kristján to extort regular payments of hush money.

When Bergur’s drug racket went a bit awry, he needed some urgent money — about 20 million in one fell swoop. When Kristján refused to pay the impossible sum, Bergur warned him that he’ll destroy him.

Bergur ran off to Ívar for that very purpose — to destroy Kristján’s family by revealing his affair with Lína to Ívar. However, Kristján never put two and two together and suspected that Bergur could’ve killed Ívar because of what went down between them.

Why did Andri go to prison?

Andri had two instances where he exceeded his jurisdictional authority and used excessive force. The first one was when he roughed up Ívar eight years ago while questioning him about Lína’s disappearance. The second instance was at the season finale, in a hostage situation against Bergur.

While Andri was right all along about Ívar, he still used excessive force and violated the code of conduct. In the hostage shootout situation in the season finale as well, Andri had to shoot Bergur down or he would’ve killed Sóley.

However, Andri was also in the wrong since he was out of the case in the very first place. He had no jurisdiction over the case anymore and so he had to take the brunt of the violation. The jury comes to a decision and sentenced Andri to two years in prison.

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