Enola Holmes 2 mid-credits scene explained

Sherlock Holmes gets an unexpected visitor at his doorstep in the mid-credits scene of Enola Holmes 2 but the guest turns out to be a particularly well-known character in Sherlock’s journeys.

Once again, Enola and Sherlock work in different cases that appear to coincide at a key point. Enola is still trying to make a name for herself and has been tasked with finding a missing girl while Sherlock has taken on a government case that has him truly stumped.

At one juncture, Enola meets an inebriated Sherlock and escorts him back to his flat at 221 Baker Street with great effort and when they get there, Enola notices that his flat is in complete shambles.

Sherlock insists that there is a method to the madness but he also admits that his latest case is a bit of a doozy, even for a Holmes and Enola guesses that’s why he’s driven to drink.

She suggests that he get a flatmate who could keep him in check and make sure he doesn’t lose himself within a case.

The good doctor

Following the resolution of their case, Enola and Sherlock come out of it having learned new lessons about working with others and not keeping oneself so isolated.

Sherlock offers up a partnership to work together but Enola politely declines as she would always be stuck in his shadow if they did join forces. He then suggests she continue visiting Baker Street so that they may maintain their familial bond.

She takes him up on that offer and sets up a meeting for the coming Thursday at 4 pm. Come Thursday, there is a knock on Sherlock’s door at precisely 4 pm but it is not Enola as Sherlock expected but a man. \

Enola Holmes 2 mid-credits scene explained 1
Doctor John Watson has been by Sherlock’s side through thick and thin

The man says that he is there for the position of flatmate and when Sherlock says that he might have the wrong flat, the man says that the young girl who told him about it was pretty clear about it.

He then introduces himself as Doctor John Watson. The very same Watson who has been Sherlock’s trusted companion through countless adventures and serves as anchor and conscience on many occasions.

The character is portrayed by Himesh Patel in the film.

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