Emilio: Who is Erin Carter? character explained

In Who is Erin Carter?, Emilio is a cop who is also Jordi, Erin’s husband’s best friend. He loses his life pursuing a case that Erin told him to drop. Pep Ambròs plays Emilio.

Emilio is also Erin and Jordi’s neighbor. He has a wife named Ana and a son named Rafa. He and Ana are not on the best of terms with each other. She doesn’t live with him anymore.

Emilio is broken, and he struggles to go back home. Sleeping in his car is now easier for him than sleeping in his bed without his wife. Despite their differences, they make sure to be there for Rafa and attend every school event together.

Emilio investigates the supermarket robbery Erin is involved in. He is the one to notice the moves Erin pulled off on one of the robbers. Emilio secretly helps Erin as a friend, but at the same time, there is something else he wants from her.

Emilio’s problematic decisions

Emilio is looking for someone with Erin’s skills. When he spots her killing Margot, he helps her cover the body. In exchange, he wants her to break into the house of Benecio Agustin, a crooked lawyer who is connected to a gang, and install spyware on his laptop.

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Erin successfully gets the job done and escapes after almost getting caught. However, later, Agustin kidnaps Emilio. It’s Erin who comes to his rescue. During their escape, Emilio runs over Agustin, who is about to send Erin’s photo to someone who would crack down on who she is.

In the car, Emilio confessed that he hasn’t been honest with Erin. Emilio had gambling debts, and Agustin had told him that they would be even if he gave him some inside information, but Agustin always wanted more, which is why Emilio had to shut him down.

Emilio: Who is Erin Carter? character explained 1
Emilio is warned about using evidence obtained from Agustin

Thanks to Erin installing the spyware on Agustin’s laptop, Emilio makes a big bust and is close to taking down one of the biggest organized crime rings.

However, Erin warns Emilio because, first, he obtained the evidence illegally and it is inadmissible; second, digital fingerprints could lead to them; and lastly, they have killed Agustin.

Emilio’s death

Emilio’s seniors don’t allow Emilio to follow this case either due to a lack of clear evidence. He is asked to focus on Margot’s case, but Emilio doesn’t give up.

Emilio learns about Erin’s past and uses it to convince her to join him. Erin points out that all he has are empty threats. Erin doesn’t join him, so he goes to meet an informer all alone.

The informer turns out to be an assassin of the man behind these gangs, Daniel Lang. Daniel demands the name of the woman working with him. Emilio doesn’t utter a word, forcing Daniel to kill Emilio.

After killing Emilio, Daniel pays for his sins by sponsoring Rafa’s education. Ana doesn’t find out that Daniel is the one who killed her husband.

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