Elia Kane: The Mandalorian character explained

Elia Kane is a former communications officer who is still loyal to the Galactic Empire and served under Moff Gideon. The character is played by Katy O’Brian.

Elia was the communications officer on Moff Gideon’s cruiser and was in constant contact with the Imperial moff. It was she who informed Gideon of Grogu’s location when he was after the youngling’s blood and she remained by his side throughout the operation to capture Grogu.

Elia Kane: The Mandalorian character explained 1
She was an integral member of Moff Gideon’s crew

She was successfully fooled by Din Djarin’s plan to infiltrate Gideon’s cruiser when the Mandalorian was aboard the Imperial shuttle that was being chased by Boba Fett’s ship. She fought back against them and show great determination despite seeing the stormtroopers fall around her.

Still believing in the cause

Elia was one of the former Imperial officers that were given a reprieve through the New Republic’s Amnesty Program. She meets Dr. Pershing and offers to be his guide as he gets used to life on Coruscant.

She mentions that she had trained in the academy on Coruscant which was the last time she was on the planet.

Elia Kane: The Mandalorian character explained 2
She leads Dr. Pershing into a false sense of security

She eventually wins him over and convinces him that his research needs to be continued for the benefit of the New Republic. She also claims that she can help him accomplish that task, although they might need to take some risks.

Dr. Pershing ultimately accepts her proposal and goes along with her to the Imperial disposal yards so that he can grab whatever he needs for a mobile lab. Elia ends up betraying Dr. Pershing by turning him in to the authorities for allegedly working against the New Republic.

Dr. Pershing claims that he was set up by Elia but no one believes him and she is instead thanked for her loyalty toward the New Republic. She asks if she can hang back as he is being subjected to the mind flayer machine but when no one is around, she turns up the dial, effectively wiping his mind.

While she doesn’t explicitly mention why she does this, it can be plausibly assumed that she was silencing him for his betrayal of Moff Gideon while also gaining trust with the current regime so that she can further the will of the nascent Empire.

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