Eleanor’s plan to get revenge on Carissa in ‘Do Revenge’ explained

In ‘Do Revenge’, Eleanor and Drea plan to get revenge on each other’s behalf and humiliate Carissa and Max for ruining their lives. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Eleanor meets Drea in Tennis camp during the summer and tells her that transferring to Rosehill where a person who betrayed her in the past also is a student. Eleanor expresses a deep hatred for Carissa Jones and dreads going to the same school as her.

A terrible rumour

Drea is dealing with the fallout of her sex tape leak and can’t even get away from it at her summer job at a high society tennis camp. Eleanor is at the same tennis camp and tries to befriend Drea and shows sympathy for her plight.

She even tells her that it was Erica Norman who spread the video around the camp and while Drea says that she doesn’t want anybody’s pity, she takes that information and frames Erica and gets her kicked out for possession of cocaine.

When the camp is done, Drea encounters some car trouble so Eleanor offers to give her a ride. During the drive, she talks about how she’s been in a similar position to Drea so she has some experience with how she’s feeling.

Eleanor's plan to get revenge on Carissa in 'Do Revenge' explained 1
Eleanor tells Drea about the rumour that Carissa spread

She relates the story of when she was 13 and at day camp with many other girls. She had already realised that she was queer but never told anyone. However, there was this one girl at the camp she fell for and decided to come out to her.

That girl was Carissa, and Carissa turned around and told everyone that Eleanor pinned her down and tried to kiss her. Eleanor was treated like a predator and that sent her into a downward spiral of depression and treatment.

A twisted arrangement

On the first day back at school, Eleanor has an awkward exchange with Carissa while Drea is called out in front of the whole school just so that Max could promote his latest endeavour which is just a hollow gesture to support women.

Drea looks for a spot to be alone and Eleanor follows to check up on her. They talk about how frustrating it is to see the people that ruined them living an easy life while bringing up thoughts of revenge.

Eleanor's plan to get revenge on Carissa in 'Do Revenge' explained 2
The two of them hatch their evil plan for revenge

After Eleanor poses the idea of hiring someone else to get their revenge, Drea suggests they just take it upon themselves. Drea would work on humiliating Carissa while Eleanor would go about taking down Max.

Eleanor is doubtful about the idea but she eventually agrees to go along with Drea’s plan.

A trippy dinner

After punching Max for leaking her sex tape, Drea is supposed to do community service so she volunteers at the community garden at school where Carissa spends most of her time.

There’s a private greenhouse within the garden that only Carissa has the keys to and Russ tells Drea that it houses certain exotic plants that are hard to come by in the country. Drea immediately realizes that she needs to get into that greenhouse so she finds a way to swipe Carissa’s keys.

When Drea and Eleanor investigate the greenhouse, they find that Carissa is growing psychedelic mushrooms and marijuana there and Drea gets the perfect idea for the next part of their plan.

Carissa is entrusted with preparing the dinner for the Rosehill Ring Ceremony, a celebratory dinner right before the winter break. Drea says that she’ll spike the dinner with some mushrooms and expose Carissa for the criminal that she is.

Eleanor's plan to get revenge on Carissa in 'Do Revenge' explained 3
The Headmaster finds out why all the students are having such a “good time”

The dinner comes around and everything goes just as Drea planned. All the students begin tripping and Drea drops in an anonymous tip to the Headmaster about what’s really going on.

The Headmaster finds the mushrooms in the dinner and then checks the private greenhouse. Carissa’s secret is revealed and she is subsequently expelled from school as Eleanor finally gets her revenge with Drea’s help.

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