Elayne Trakand: The Wheel of Time season 2 character explained

Elayne Trakand is the daughter heir to the king of Andor who has joined the White Tower as a novice to learn the art of channeling. The character is played by Ceara Coveney.

Elayne Trakand joins the White Tower and marvels at its simplicity and lack of pomp. She meets Egwene on her first day and introduces herself as the daughter heir to the King of Andor.

She is excited to be accepted as a novice and gets a tour of the tower from Egwene, although she just wants to spend time with her as she already knows her way around.

She is later scolded for bringing in her servants into the novice quarters and told that she won’t be getting special treatment just because of who she is.

A friend in need

Elayne Trakand: The Wheel of Time season 2 character explained 1
Elayne Trakand enjoys Egwene’s company

While Nynaeve is busy going around with Liandrin, Elayne spends all of her time with Egwene and the two of them get quite close. She shows Egwene her personal stash of wine that she made and they sit and chat together.

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She listens to Egwene as the girl from Two Rivers talks about how Nynaeve’s presence has been frustrating for her. Everyone is always asking about Nynaeve and doesn’t pay any attention to Egwene.

When Nynaeve disappears through the arch, Elayne is the one who sits by Egwene’s side and comforts her.

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