Dylan Shakes: Shelter character explained

Dylan Shakes was a young boy who disappeared many years ago, but there are major secrets hidden deeper within the mystery.

Mickey learns very early about Dylan Shakes, the boy who disappeared after a Little League game years ago. He later finds out that his father was Dylan’s best friend.

Dylan disappeared on the same date that Ashley disappeared, which draws Ema, Spoon, and Mickey’s attention. Mrs. Friedman was Dylan’s coach and she took some responsibility for whatever happened to him.

Dylan’s father was rumored to be abusive to him and this is confirmed when Spoon and Ema sneak into Dr. Kent’s office and have a look at Dylan’s medical records.

A second chance

Mrs. Friedman holds a memorial service for Dylan Shakes and Mickey sees Dr. Kent there. He chases after him to talk about Dylan, while Mrs. Friedman runs into Dylan’s father after the service.

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Mickey and Mrs. Friedman simultaneously find out that on the day he disappeared, Dylan’s father took a cigarette butt and burned his eye with it.

Dylan Shakes: Shelter character explained 1
The Sunglasses Man was Dylan Shakes all along

Mickey sees the Sunglasses Man and confesses that he figured out he was the real Dylan Shakes. Dylan says that he ran to Bat Lady’s house as soon as it happened and Lizzy took him in, promising to take care of him.

He says that he helped Brad calm down when Brad was locked inside Bat Lady’s house, and together they worked for Abeona to help the children.

Mrs. Friedman is invited to Lizzy’s house that night so that she can finally meet Dylan and they have an emotional embrace.

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