Dyanne: The Idol character explained

In The Idol, Dyanne, played by Jennie Kim, is Jocelyn’s backup dancer who gets the opportunity to replace Jocelyn and release her song when she fails to perform. 

Dyanne is Jocelyn’s talented backup dancer, who draws attention when she dances. Apart from being her backup dancer, she is also Jocelyn’s friend. She takes Jocelyn to Tedros’s club, not knowing that it is a setup.

Lost opportunities

Dyanne is one of the artists that Tedros manages, but unlike the others, Dyanne has feelings for Tedros. Since Dyanne knows Jocelyn, he asks her to bring her to the club, as he is obsessed with her. Dyanne agrees because he tells her that it will be good for the club.

Tedros dances with Jocelyn and talks to her about music. Due to this, Jocelyn takes a liking to Tedros. She then invites him to her house to listen to her music, and the two of them sleep together. 

Dyanne had never expected Jocelyn and Tedros to grow close, live together, and get into a relationship. She even discusses this with Tedros, but he dismisses her.

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While Jocelyn fails to shoot the music video for her upcoming single “World Class Sinner”, Nikki, who represents Jocelyn’s label, notices how talented Dyanne is as a singer and a dancer and makes her perform Jocelyn’s song.

The Idol Dyanne
Dyanne performs “World Class Sinner”

Nikki decides to sign Dyanne. She tells Dyanne that the label is giving “World Class Sinner” to her as her first single. Nikki promises her many things, including legal support, merchandise, pairing her with top producers in the industry, and more.

This overwhelms Dyanne, who has no one by her side. Before saying yes to Nikki, she meets Jocelyn to ask for her permission. At the same time, Jocelyn finds out that Dyanne likes Tedros and that she took her to his club because he asked her to do that.

Jocelyn tells Dyanne to take “World Class Sinner”. However, a few days later, Jocelyn puts on a show for her team and impresses everyone. She proves to everyone that she is still a star and gets Nikki back on her side.

Nikki then tells Dyanne that they cannot release “World Class Sinner” because of a legal issue. She assures Dyanne that they will make her a star and reach out to her soon, but it is clear that Nikki is just trying to comfort her.

It is not hard for Dyanne to figure out that Jocelyn did this. She asks Nikki about it, but she does not need Nikki’s answer to see the obvious. While Jocelyn goes on to release hit singles and gets back together with Tedros, Dyanne loses everything.

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