Don’t Kill Me summary and ending explained

‘Don’t Kill Me’ or ‘Non mi uccidere’ is an Italian thriller on Netflix and is based on a book by Chiara Palazzolo. The story revolves around Mirta who dies of a drug overdose and is late resurrected.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers


Mirta (Alice Pagani) is a young teenager full of life. Her boyfriend, Robin (Rocco Fasano) on the other hand is everything a parent would disapprove of; rebellious, rash and a junkie. One day, frustrated with his antics, Mirta wishes to do drugs with him to try and understand his headspace. But her condition is that it would be the last time that he consumes it. Robin is hesitant in the beginning but agrees to it later and tells her that they’d be together forever.

Both of them are declared dead due to overdose. Mirta’s parents are horrified with their daughter’s death and can only blame Robin for it. Mirta’s mother becomes sympathetic as no one comes to claim the young boy’s body and thus she wishes that both the lovers are laid on side to side on their graves.

Mirta is not dead. She breaks through her grave and finds her photo along with flowers for her dead soul. She cries all her way back home realising that something went wrong and Robin and she are dead.

She goes to her room and meets her mother. She flees before her father enters her room. Everyone thinks that her mother is slowly losing her mind.

The Benandanti introduce themselves to her father and tell him that Mirta’s not dead but she’s not like she used to be either. This makes the old man aggressive and he asks them to leave.

Mirta goes to the club where she and Robin frequented and she spots an old friend of his. Hiding from him, she follows a guy out of the club and drinks his blood later.

Realising that she’s a monster, Mirta goes back home and find her father kissing another woman named Suzy. Suzy emphasises that it’s Mirta’s fault that she is dead. Out of rage and hunger, Mirta kills Suzy and drinks her blood only to be discovered by her father. Just then the Benandanti enter and start firing at her. Her father jumps to help her but gets shot instead and dies.

While she is running away, an unknown woman appears on a bike and saves her. In a hotel room, she explains that they are Overdead, while she takes the bullets from her back out. Overdead are dead people who resurrect if they had a traumatic death and have unfulfilled desires.

The woman named Sara (Silvia Calderoni) explains, that the Benandanti is a sect that has been active since the 17th century and used to hunt for witches. Now they are after the Overhead.

She tells her how she was wronged and became an Overdead. Later, she teaches her the best way to consume a person to stay alive.

Mirta meets with Robins friend who confesses his love for her. But due to hunger Mirta soon starts changing. Before she could do that, he kills himself in hope of resurrecting.

If you have any doubts from the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Don’t Kill Me ending explained in detail:

Getting captured

Sara is at the hotel where a few of the Overdead are hiding. She gets a call which informs her that one of them is missing and wasn’t found in the cemetery.

The missing Overdead is lying cold on the kitchen floor but Sara is unaware of this.

Sara tries to look for the Overdead and tries to open the doors of the building one by one. But the Benandanti people have found her and try to knock her out. After a brawl between Sara and the Benandanti members, one of them attacks her from behind and she is finally taken down.

All this while, Mirta is back at the cemetery and breaks Robin’s grave. But his grave does not have a body. She realises that Robin is still among them. She is tased from behind and black’s out.

Robin is alive

Sara and Mirta are both locked up by the Benandantis. The head of the sect introduces himself as Luca Bertozzi. Mirta begs him to kill her. He explains that they primarily stop them from eating till they eventually rot away. It’s the only way they can end as they are very powerful. He tells her that another Overdead has joined them as an ally. Robin opens the door and walks in. After confirming with Luca that Mirta was not hurt, he takes her to another room.

That night Mirta inquires about how things turned out the way they did. Robin informs her that his friend Pablo was eaten by an Overdead in front of his very eyes and he couldn’t do anything to help. The tragic incident turned him into a lost soul. He found meaning with the Benandanti. It was their plan all along to get revenge on the monsters but along the way, he met Mirta and he just couldn’t be without her.

Robin is Mirta’s killer. But he knew that they’d be back and powerful. To him, her opinions did not matter as long as they are together and he gets his revenge.

New beginnings

While Robin is asleep, Mirta gets out of the room and goes in search for Sara.

Sara is still locked up and is being tortured by Luca. Mirta follows the noise of grunts and screams up the stairs till she reaches the noisy hallway which is filled with the Benandanti.

Mirta headbutts Luca and he falls to the ground. She frees Sara and they slowly walk towards the exit as Sara is extremely injured.

The Benandanti follow them and knock them down but Mirta easily gets ups and beats them to the pulp. By the time she is done with all the Benandanti, Robin wakes up and tries to stop her. She tases him and gets into a car with Sara and drives away while the Benandanti keep firing bullets at them.

By morning, Sara and Mirta reach a new city and are ready to start afresh. Sara asks her if she is still thinking about Robin to which she replies with a yes.

Later, on a hotel room balcony, Sara warns her that she’ll have to be careful with choosing her victims. For the new Mirta, this does not sound too difficult.

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