Dom’s break-up story in Rye Lane explained

In Rye Lane, after breaking up with Gia, Dom locks himself inside his house for three-long months before mustering up the courage to get out again. Despite attempting to restart his life, Dom struggles to get over her.

At his friend Nathan’s art exhibition, Dom breaks down again after looking at Gia’s pictures on social media. She is redecorating the wall he helped her paint with her new boyfriend, Eric, who was once one of his best friends.

After meeting Yas and getting comfortable with her, Dom shares why he is still not over Gia. Apparently, they were together for six years until Dom found out that she was cheating on him.

How did Dom find out about Gia and Eric?

Dom and Gia had plans to go to the cinema. As usual, Dom got there first and bought snacks for them. Dom spends a lot of time explaining to the popcorn vendor how they want the snacks customized because that’s how picky Gia is.

Dom doesn’t like entering the theater once the movie has already started. He still thought that Gia might have had a bad day, and that’s why she is late. He video-called her to inquire, and in the back, he noticed a man hiding.

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Dom's break-up story in Rye Lane explained 1
Dom cries all alone in the theater

Dom clearly recognized who that man was; he was his best friend, Eric. Initially, Dom claimed that he went back to Gia’s and beat Eric in front of her.

This revelation surprised Yas, but Dom quickly confessed that he didn’t do such a thing. He just sat there in the theater and watched the movie all alone, crying and eating those customized snacks of Gia’s.

The break-up was tough for Dom. Apart from going to work and to Gregg’s for the sausage rolls, he didn’t go anywhere for the past three months and locked himself in his house. He intends to meet both of them again because they plan to clear the air.

Yas helps Dom get over Gia

Yas believes that Dom should not go to meet them; he should just stop caring about them and drop out of this meeting. Dom continues to believe that he must take some responsibility. According to Yas, he is the one not moving on by attending this meeting.

Yas even pitches in to join him for this meeting. Dom stays adamant about this matter being serious. He doesn’t really want to take a stranger to this private meeting.

Therefore, he parts ways with Yas and meets Gia and Eric at a restaurant. It turns out that this meeting is just about Gia and Eric. They desperately want to get over the guilt.

Every time they see something that reminds them of Dom, their day gets ruined. For that not to happen, they really needed this meeting. Dom, on his side, only has one question. He asks Gia why she cheated on him.

Gia says that people change and grow apart. One day, she woke up and realized that their relationship didn’t make sense anymore. Before Dom’s heart could shatter into pieces, Yas walked in and kissed him on the cheek.

Dom's break-up story in Rye Lane explained 2
Dom watches Gia get upset

Yas acts like she is Dom’s girlfriend. Eric accepts this new relationship, but Gia’s mood suddenly changes. She questions how they met and fell in love. Yas prepared an amazing karaoke story for them, which made Gia suspect that they are lying.

Gia doesn’t see Dom as someone who would sing in front of everyone and embarrass himself. Dom repeats Gia’s words by saying that people change. He is certainly enjoying the way he is treating her right now.

Eric messes up their own evening by revealing that he got fired from his job at the wrong time. Yas uses this opportunity to remind Gia that she picked a jobless idiot over a clever and successful accountant.

She further pushes this fact by claiming that Eric right-swiped her on Tinder a week ago before leaving the restaurant with Dom, who is now finally over Gia.

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