Dominic Sanderson and Ade Osoji’s connection in Jack Ryan season 4 explained

In Jack Ryan season 4, after hearing a mouthful from Greer, Wright finally looks into who Dominic Sanderson is and finds a connection between him and Ade Osoji.

Dominic Sanderson’s name comes up when Greer starts tracking down the phone number that was on a call with one of the soldiers that killed President Udoh of Nigeria.

The number connects Greer to a company called BizHub. Patrick finds a business called Southwest Petro there. It is a shell company like the ones Miller used. It dissolved the day Miller left the office. The business is registered under the name Dominic Sanderson.

Greer looks into who Dominic Sanderson is and learns that Dominic is a kid who had a football accident and has been in a coma for three years. Somebody is paying Dominic’s bills and using his name on the shell companies that Miller was running to fund his black ops program for the Silver Lotus triad.

Ade Osoji knows Dominic

Wright starts looking into Dominic Sanderson when an injured Greer goes hunting Tuttle down on his own. Wright sees Dominic’s trophy case and a picture of Ade Osoji at an afterschool academy.

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Wright figures out that Ade Osoji has been paying Dominic’s bills and using his name on the shell companies. Once Wright officially becomes the director of the CIA, Ade comes to congratulate her. He is cornered by Wright and Greer then and there.

Dominic Sanderson and Ade Osoji's connection in Jack Ryan season 4 explained 1
Ade Osoji’s picture in Dominic’s trophy case

Ade admits that he used Dominic’s name on those shell companies. However, when asked about why Miller chose the same companies for his black ops program, Ade reminds Wright and Greer that his interactions with Miller are highly-classified and above their pay grade.

Ade sees Wright as a formidable force who can’t be underestimated. So he offers her a deal. In exchange for the location of Jack Ryan, who has been kidnapped, Wright should give him immunity.

Jack is rescued by Chavez, and Greer is a few seconds late to inform Wright about it. Ade had signed the deal by then and had secured immunity from the CIA.

Does Ade get arrested?

Once Jack’s team saves everyone from Zeyara’s bombs, Wright visits Ade Osoji. Wright had figured out that Ade Osoji was involved in the murder of Miller, who used a Book of Mormon to communicate with his teammates.

Ade admits that he murdered Miller because he risked exposure. Moments later, the cops arrive to arrest Ade, who has immunity to all CIA matters but not local homicide investigations.

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