Domingo Chavez: Jack Ryan season 4 character explained

In Jack Ryan season 4, while investigating corruption in the CIA, Jack Ryan finds help from Domingo Chavez, who informs Jack about a far bigger conspiracy. Michael Peña plays Domingo Chavez.

Domingo Chavez is a black ops CIA operative from the Rainbow Division. Born on the 12th of January, 1976, he comes from East Los Angeles. He graduated at the top of his BUD/S class and is devoted to his country.

As part of Operation Pluto, Chavez has apparently carried out over 15 SOG missions across the globe. Every single target is a confirmed kill. Jack Ryan thinks Chavez could be the deadliest operator the CIA has ever employed.


Domingo Chavez dedicatedly worked on the given missions without questioning, not knowing that he and his black ops team is being manipulated.

One of his last missions saw him clear the competition for the Silver Lotus triad of Burma and Marquez’s cartel of Mexico. He embedded himself in Marquez’s cartel with the help of his cousin, Marin, to carry out this mission.

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Chao Fah Sein, the head of operations for the Silver Lotus triad, approached him once his job was done, not to give further instructions but to tell him the truth.

Domingo Chavez: Jack Ryan season 4 character explained 1
Chavez confronts Thomas Miller for manipulating him and his teammates

It turns out that Chavez’s whole operation was being controlled by the triad. They have someone from the White House in their pockets. All the missions given to Chavez were to clear the path for the triad.

Chavez tirelessly worked and lost his soldiers, only to realize that he was being manipulated into working against his country. Chao Fah offered him help and hard evidence against the triad.

Chavez trusts Chao Fah because all Chao Fah wants is to get out of this safely with his family. In exchange for a name, Chavez guaranteed Chao Fah’s family protection. The name is that of former CIA director Thomas Miller, who signed all the operations Chavez and his team carried out.

Chavez’s new mission

Chavez tells Jack about the triad’s plan to collaborate with Marquez’s cartel and smuggle something far more than drugs; it can be humans and even suicide bombers.

At this point, apart from saving his country, Chavez plans to avenge his fallen soldiers. He goes after Thomas Miller but allows Jack Ryan to retrieve information from him before killing him.

Unfortunately, Miller refrains from giving anything substantial. All he says is that he let this operation continue because it gave him results in the form of lower drug trade and fewer crimes.

When Miller goes back home, Walters, who orchestrated the assassination of the President of Nigeria, kills him and makes it look like a suicide. Chavez fails to get there on time. He neither finds Walters nor gets revenge on Miller.

By the end of Jack Ryan season 4, Chavez avenges his fallen teammates when he finally kills Zeyara Lemos, who is the architect of the attack that the triad is planning.

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