Does Tully marry Danny in Firefly Lane season 2?

Tully and Danny make for one of the most adorable pairings in Firefly Lane, and the final stretch of the series has everyone holding out for hope that they choose each other. Here’s how their relationship pans out by the end.

Tully suffered a harrowing incident in her adolescence where she fell victim to sexual assault. This incident carved indelible marks on her psyche and she took decades properly overcoming that trauma.

The ways this trauma affected her were varied, but one of the prominent after effects of it were the repulsion she developed regarding intimacy with others that blooms into a more permanent dynamic. She can’t commit to anyone and tends to push them away.

That is until she meets Danny, with whom she develops a really love-hate kind of relationship, with a solid dressing of competitiveness, and the “hate” part is mostly playful banter. This cute dynamic and tension between them eventually transforms into something passionate and romantic.

Sparks fly & disperse

Tully and Danny are always looking to one-up each other and have an adorable dynamic with each other since the KPOC days. Both being highly aspirational and stubborn individuals, they are always looking for a way to outshine the other while bagging bigger opportunities for themselves.

Meanwhile, Danny keeps the banter tinged with a flirtatious tone that Tully claims she finds gross but gradually comes to like. Tensions build until they can’t anymore and the two sleep together.

Their romance isn’t meant to kick off instantly, though, as Tully always pushes people away and can’t be close to anyone who isn’t Kate. Meanwhile, Danny is a Casanova himself and surprises Tully after the first time they have sex, by blurting out the same post-hook-up lines that she has been saying to others all her adult life.

Tully denies having an attraction to him but it becomes evident that she has developed strong feelings for him, and the opposite is just as true. However, they can’t defy their nature and pasts and have to part ways, as Tully strives for new career heights at KPOC while Danny moves to New York to gain prominence in the world of sports news.

Twenty years later

They vie for each other but their careers and Tully’s inability to move past her trauma and its consequent tendencies keep them apart, until twenty years later, when they cross paths again and learn that they’re next door neighbors in the same building.

When Kate breaks her friendship with Tully after latter’s mistake leads to Marah’s accident, Danny extends his shoulders for her to lean on and lends her the emotional support she needs. Things can’t go the romantic route for then right now since Danny is in a relationship with Celeste.

Danny and Tully Firefly Lane
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When Tully returns from Antarctica and her friendship with Kate is rekindled, Danny gets a little sidelined that rubs him off the wrong way a bit. However, Tully promises to make it up to him and be a good friend to him, even advising him on his relationship with Celeste that he reveals is going through a bit of a rough patch.

Meanwhile, she admits that she has strong romantic feelings for him and does love him, something she hasn’t been able to feel for anyone other than Kate. When Danny’s relationship to Celeste ends, the natural progression is for him and Tully to finally rekindle their relationship.

Overcoming the last hurdle

However, with Kate spending her life’s last days, Tully just can’t spend her time with anyone else, which leads to her ignoring and avoiding Danny time and again. When she avoids him enough times before Kate gives her the wisdom to let herself live her own life as well, Danny tells her that he’s going away again.

However, Tully finally pulls through and musters up the courage to let someone stay in her life, telling Danny she loves him, and asking him to stay and not leave her alone. That’s all he needed to hear from her and the two finally come together.

The show ends with the two love birds still together and even though there’s nothing to suggest they’re married to each other, the tags and labels were never really their style anyway, nor was it important for them to truly be content, which is what they finally became when they could finally accept each other and commit to the relationship.

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