Does Milo die in Mayor of Kingstown season 2?

In Mayor of Kingstown season 2, Mike agrees to give Milo his bonds back in exchange for Iris, but Mike certainly doesn’t plan to let Milo go that easily.

During the prison riots, Milo escaped, and no one noticed until Mike brought up the topic of Milo while discussing the situation inside the prison with his colleagues. Mike learns that Milo is not on the roster or any of the lists.

Mike desperately attempts to send Iris away so that he can protect her from Milo. Unfortunately, Mike’s attempts only push Iris away, who voluntarily goes back to Milo.

In the ninth episode of Mayor of Kingstown season 2, Milo seeks Mike out himself. He offers Iris to Mike in exchange for his bonds, which are in police custody.

Milo promises to leave the town once he is delivered the bonds. Mike accepts the deal, and Kyle doesn’t understand why they are letting someone like Milo go.

The boat explosion

Milo arranges a meeting with Mike using Iris. Mike doesn’t show up for the meeting in time, and Iris escapes, leading Milo to find Iris at Mariam’s house, where he holds both Iris and Mariam hostage. Mike goes to rescue them, along with Kyle and Ian, which suggests that he intends to apprehend or kill Milo.

The shootout ends with Milo escaping again with Iris, and Mariam getting shot. While Kyle blamed himself for Mariam’s condition, Mike and Ian confronted Tatiana, one of the women who work for Milo, about Milo’s location.

Milo gives Mike one last chance to hand over the bonds. He wants Mike to come all alone, and if Mike plays smart again, Milo will kill whoever is with Mike, but first, he will kill Iris.

Does Milo die in Mayor of Kingstown season 2? 1
Milo questions what Mike’s plan is

Mike instructs Ian to go to higher ground, from where he can see Mike through a sniper. If anything doesn’t go according to plan, Mike wants Ian to start hunting.

As per the plan, Mike brings the bonds and hands them over to Milo, who, as promised, gives him Iris. As Mike and Iris walk out, Milo reminds Mike that he is fighting the wrong fight.

Milo orders his men to keep a gun on them until he is long gone. After that, they can do whatever they want. Before Milo’s men can kill Mike and Iris, Milo’s boat explodes.

Outside, Milo’s men get distracted. Ian sees the opening and shoots them down. Mike and Iris kill them on the ground. It turns out that Mike never planned to let Milo go, even for Iris. To kill Milo, he delivered explosives and gave the impression that he was only handing him his bonds back.

Is Milo dead or alive?

Though the boat explodes and Mike thinks that they have finally gotten rid of Milo, Tatiana still receives a call from Milo. On the phone, Milo says that his meeting went well and that he is coming back to her.

The show never explains how Milo made it out alive, but his escape suggests that he is still out there, and now he might be looking for revenge, as Mike has played with him again.

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