Do Not Disturb (2023) summary and ending explained

In Do Not Disturb, a former sailor’s first night as a night manager at a hotel becomes difficult with unruly guests causing trouble. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Metin, a former sailor, has been jobless for the past two years. The pandemic has also hit him hard. He has been shaping himself into a new person by following a social media influencer named Peri Sönmez.

Since watching some of Peri’s videos, Metin likes to think that he has improved and removed all of the toxic people from his life. He is happy in his own world and sick of being kind to others. However, Metin’s mother doesn’t really think he is looking after himself.

Metin also has a new job on his hands, and that too because his mother wanted him to get one. He will be working as a night manager for the Komodor Hotel.

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Metin joins the Komodor Hotel, hoping to kick off his new adventure with an advanced version of himself. At the same hotel, Suhal, a girl Metin’s family thinks Metin should marry, also works.

Metin meets Suhal and realizes that she is way too pretty for someone like him. Anyhow, Metin focuses on the guests he has. The first is Bahtiyar, a musician and a professor of literature.

The second guest is Mr. Davut, a rather shady individual who convinces Metin to let him stay without registration. Davut often offers Metin extra money as a tip and is the nicest to him.

Things start falling apart when Bahtiyar comes down from his room, bleeding from his hand. He tried to kill himself, but found it hard. Metin aids Bahtiyar, while Davut keeps telling Metin that there is no need to call the cops.

As they are all trying to help Bahtiyar, Metin sees that Suhal’s one leg is not perfect. Metin heads to the pharmacy in front of the hotel to pick up everything they need to cover Bahtiyar’s injury. There, he meets Saniye, who owns the pharmacy.

Metin thinks if there is a woman for him out there, it has to be Saniye. Bahtiyar is taken care of by Metin, who also gives Bahtiyar a few pieces of advice and tells him about Peri.

However, at this point, Bahtiyar is willing to pay Metin to choke him. Metin is definitely not going to let Bahtiyar kill himself on his watch. Problems continue to arise for Metin. He comes to rescue Saniye from a junkie and gets stabbed. The junkie, on the other hand, escapes once the cops arrive.

Metin is fine, but Bahtiyar doesn’t stop persuading Metin. He now intends to sell his precious saxophone if Metin helps him die. Metin plays smart and pretends that he is offering Bahtiyar tea with rat poison in it.

Instead of rat poison, Metin adds a pill prescribed to him by his doctor to Bahtiyar’s tea. The pill will make Bahtiyar fall asleep. Metin will then call Bahtiyar’s family or friends, who will come and pick him up.

Unfortunately, while taking care of Bahtiyar, Metin lost the last one of his pills. He is supposed to take one in the morning and one in the evening.

Metin remembers that he can buy the pills with the prescription he has. It turns out the prescription is now soaked in blood, as Metin was stabbed earlier. Metin attempts to handle himself, as he knows that he has started to lose it.

Metin puts Bahtiyar to bed. Before going to sleep, Bahtiyar advises Metin not to fall for videos such as that of Peri’s. He also expresses that Davut is suspicious.

Metin doesn’t stop viewing Peri’s videos. Throughout the night, he also kept thinking about whether he and Suhal are a match. He does get a chance to talk about it with her.

Their conversation ends with Suhal slapping Metin because the latter made a quote from Peri’s videos, and Suhal took it as an insult to her being a cripple. Metin next visits Saniye to buy his medicine. She throws him out, assuming that he is just another junkie.

Do Not Disturb ending explained in detail:

What happens to Metin?

Without the pills, Metin starts hallucinating and sees Peri coming to the hotel for a stay. Metin questions the life Peri teaches every person like him to live and tries to point out the problems in it.

Whether all the events that Metin goes through happen for real or not is debatable. One thing is for sure: Metin tried to help all of the people present at the hotel by offering them everything he learned, only to be rejected by them.

Metin seeks to be loved too. He heads to confront Peri’s illusion and lets her know that her videos don’t work at all. Metin misses his old life. He realizes that he is talking to an illusion of Peri, who claims that the real Peri is dead.

The illusion shows how Peri died, and it’s Metin who falls from the balcony of a hotel room onto a car. Fortunately, Metin survives and comes back to his senses.

What happens to Bahtiyar and Davut?

Metin decides to be himself, moving on. He calls Bahtiyar’s wife, Dora, and asks her to come and pick Bahtiyar up. Metin agrees that when he is in his right mind, he is able to express himself very well.

Once Dora and Bahtiyar leave, a woman named Hacer, who also works at the hotel, comes for her shift. It is revealed that Davut has been waiting for Hacer all along. He tries to kill Hacer with his gun. Thanks to Metin intervening, Davut is only able to injure Hacer.

Davut has been the only person nice to Metin the whole night, and he thinks Metin will let him go. He hands Metin the gun and asks him to hide it. Metin doesn’t let Davut go. He shoots Davut in the legs and keeps him down.

What’s next for Metin?

Metin hands Suhal her share of tips from Davut so that she can go to the school of art she dreams of. Metin sits down, smokes a cigarette, and waits for the cops to arrive.

Metin most probably loses his job. A tracker is seen attached to his leg, which means the cops are keeping an eye on him. Metin has now stopped watching Peri’s videos.

Suhal continues to work at the Komodor Hotel. She crosses paths with Metin again and draws a sketch of him, as he once asked her to.

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