Do Nikki and Jason get to keep Tyler in ‘Trying’ season 3?

In the first episode of ‘Trying’ season 3, Nikki and Jason are grappling with the fact that Tyler cannot stay with them, but they still try to make a day of it.

After Tyler sneaked onto their car while they were picking up Princess, Nikki and Jason had just half a day to spend with Tyler before someone from the council came to pick him up. However, Tyler didn’t want to leave Princess’ side, so does he get to stay?

A gap in time

Nikki immediately starts prepping for life with Tyler and Princess by childproofing the house in a ragged DIY manner. Jason is the only one trying to keep a straight head and remind everyone that they won’t be able to keep him.

Do Nikki and Jason get to keep Tyler in 'Trying' season 3? 1
Nikki’s parents are the first among many to show their support

Nikki’s parents arrived with food at the ready and Jason’s father brought an extra bed that he made himself that very morning. Jason tells Nikki that they’re living in the gap between the way things are and the way things should be.

They aren’t experienced enough to take care of two children so they have to accept that Tyler will be going back. Jason’s father hears all this and doesn’t want to accept it. He plans to do something about it even though Jason asks him not to.

The power of family and friendship

Nikki and Jason decide to take Princess and Tyler for a fun day at the zoo before someone named Noah drops by later to collect Tyler. They end up having a grand time as Jason imparts some wisdom to Tyler and Nikki does the same with Princess.

During this time, Victor goes around gathering the family. He first visits Karen and Scott who were getting ready for their honeymoon. He then goes to Nikki’s parent’s house. Finally, they go and pay Freddy a visit who is sitting all by his lonesome.

They all arrive at Nikki and Jason’s house just as they get back from the zoo and Victor tells Jason and Nikki that they’re ready to show the council that they have the required experience and support.

Noah shows up and tells them that his hands are tied despite all their protesting. He spends some time with Tyler as he packs his bag and sees that Tyler truly likes it there and does not want to leave.

Do Nikki and Jason get to keep Tyler in 'Trying' season 3? 2
Noah explains how important this decision is for them

He makes a judgement call and tells Nikki and Jason that they have 12 weeks to prove that they can handle taking care of two children. Hearing this sends the entire family into rapturous joy as Nikk and Jason get ready for the challenge of their lives.

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