Disconnect: The Wedding Planner ending explained: Does Otis plan the wedding successfully?

Disconnect: The Wedding Planner is a Nigerian romantic comedy revolving around a scam trap and the efforts of the protagonist to overcome the difficulties and successfully plan a ‘Yoruba wedding’ with the help of his friends. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The protagonist, Otis, is in a frosty marriage. However, he and his wife continue the relationship solely to raise their child. On the other hand, Otis also pursues non-romantic casual relations with many women. 

Although he and his friend, TK, have an emotional connection and she loves him, Otis is incapable of acknowledging or reciprocating the same, fearing that it will eventually fail.

Otis also has issues with his company, which belonged to his mother. Although the company is at loss, he turns a blind eye to it and ropes in his friend, Khalid, to help run it. 

He also gets his Nigerian friend Dele to invest in his company by guaranteeing an authentic Yoruba wedding for him. However, the wedding planner he entrusted scams him, leaving him no choice, but to rope in his friends (Khalid, TK, Richard, Celine, and Judy) for help.

Despite the initial hiccups and internal friction, the group makes the wedding happen. In the process, Celine and Richard open up with each other and reanimate their withering relationship to end in marriage. 

Judy and Khalid find comfort in each other. And Otis acknowledges his feelings and love for TK as well as the need to let go of his falling company.

Disconnect: The Wedding Planner ending explained in detail:

Does Otis turn into a better person?

Otis meets Khalid and apologizes to him for dragging him into his failing company. He admits that he was scared to accept reality. 

However, the duo patch up; Khalid even requests Otis to continue with him and be his lead negotiator in his business. Otis also meets TK and repents his behavior with her. He admits that she has always been there to help him whenever he was in trouble. 

He also acknowledges and admits that she is the only person he feels vulnerable with. TK comments that Otis seems to have outgrown his fear and they end up in a loving kiss.

Evidently, the few days and the incidents revolving around the wedding planning seem to have transformed Otis into a new and better person.

Why does Richard marry Celine?

Richard and Celine have been together for over 4 years but were going through a difficult time understanding and accepting each other. They even try therapy sessions to help them through.

Celine had a sexual relationship with an old friend, which she was never able to admit to Richard. Richard also had a sexual encounter with Judy during the group’s time together for the wedding planning. 

However, as the two start making deliberate steps to mend their problems, Richard proposes to Celine. But a comment from Otis sets a series of things into motion; Richard comes to know about Celine’s secret and Celine on Richard’s.

Later in the evening, Celine is seen walking to Richard as he turns down another woman acknowledging his love for Celine. She joins him and the two join in a long embrace. 

Later Celine is shown to be pregnant with Richard beside her. The happy couple seems to have continued down the path of marriage, solemnizing their love for each other.

What is it that Otis, Richard, and Celine missed in them?

All three of them were bogged down by their own fears and inability to acknowledge and face those fears. 

They were unable to communicate their feelings and emotions effectively, complicating their relations with others further. 

However, their lives seem to take a 180-degree turn as they realize this and start making changes.

Does Dale invest in Otis’ company?

Dale makes no further investments in Otis’ company; he instead invests with Khalid. Seemingly a seasoned investor, Dale realizes that Otis’ does not qualify as a reliable entrepreneur, unlike Khalid. 

He also realizes that Khalid is a person who is upfront, while Otis seems to be running away from reality. Consequently, Dale decides not to invest further in Otis’ company.

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