Director Lee Sang-hyuck: See You in My 19th Life character explained

Director Lee Sang-hyuck is Seo-ha’s uncle in See You in My 19th Life. His actions cost Seo-ha the life of his first love. Lee Hae-young plays the role of Director Lee.

Lee Sang-hyuck is the director at MI Group and the brother of Seo-ha’s mother, Sang-a. Seo-ha never received affection and support from his father, so when his mother died, his uncle was the only one who treated him like family and took care of his needs.

Director Lee wants Seo-ha to be happy. Although Seo-ha is an adult now, he still brings him food and acknowledges his problems the way his father never does.

When Seo-ha makes up his mind to renovate his mother’s hotel, MI Hotel, and Ms. Jang gets the budget proposal for the renovation rejected, Seo-ho goes to his uncle for help because he is the only one who would listen to him.

His uncle does not let him down and introduces him to potential investors. So when Seo-ha finds out that his uncle betrayed him, it is not easy for him to accept his betrayal.

Director Lee’s past mistakes

24 years ago, Seo-ha and Ju-won got into an accident, which killed Ju-won as well as Seo-ha’s father’s driver, Mr. Ha, who was Do-yun’s father. Years later, Seo-ha finds out that the accident was ordered by someone close to him and was meant to hurt him.

The man who arranged it, Mr. Bang of Wonjo Capital, makes a deal with Seo-ha and meets him to give him evidence against the people involved in the accident. However, before Seo-ha meets him, someone kills Mr. Bang.

Mr. Bang’s subordinate then leaves the evidence on Seo-ha’s doorstep. It turns out that someone hired Ji-eum’s father to hit Seo-ha’s car. In exchange for causing a minor accident, this man was willing to pay Mr. Bang a lot of money, and Mr. Bang was supposed to forget about Ji-eum’s father’s debt. 

By listening to a conversation recorded by Mr. Bang years ago, Seo-ha finds out that it was Director Lee who had ordered the accident. Seo-ha cannot wrap his head around this and feels betrayed.

Director Lee comes to know that Seo-ha is asking questions about the accident and gets anxious. As Director Lee genuinely cares about Seo-ha, he feels guilty about what happened all those years ago, and Ms. Jang thinks that he might tell Seo-ha everything.

See You in My 19th Life Director Lee
Seo-ha confronts Director Lee

When Seo-ha confronts his uncle, he tells Seo-ha that he never tried to kill him and that the accident was a mistake. Director Lee was targeting Chairman Mun, and he did not even want to kill him.

At that time, Director Lee was angry at Chairman Mun for neglecting Sang-a and only caring about his business. He was also struggling with the fact that Chairman Mun and Ms. Jang were seeing each other.

It is seen that Director Lee has a soft spot for Ms. Jang. He promises to allow her son to work at the HQ with his people, even though he knows that Chairman Mun does not like her son. Additionally, he is always ready to do whatever Ms. Jang wants.

Seo-ha cannot forgive Director Lee and asks him to turn himself in. If he fails to do that, Seo-ha will have to report him. Seo-ha does not give him much time. Director Lee does not argue and goes to the police to confess that he was responsible for Seo-ha’s accident as well as Mr. Bang’s death.

Chairman Mun tried to cover up Director Lee’s crime for the sake of MI Group’s reputation, but it was all for nothing. Director Lee’s confession affects his life as well as the company’s reputation. However, Ju-won and Mr. Ha finally get justice.

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