Die Hart 2: Die Harter summary and ending explained

In Die Hart 2: Die Harter, Kevin Hart must enlist the help of his assistant and co-star because he is being targeted by someone he has wronged. The film is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Kevin Hart, the film’s protagonist, is living his dream as the biggest action star. However, Kevin is not satisfied. 

He is tired of using green screens and CGI; he wants to do his own stunts. He tries to pitch his ideas for his next film but cannot get anyone to finance it.

A man named Karl Stromberg hears about this and contacts Kevin. He tells him that he is willing to finance his action film. 

While Kevin wants to meet Stromberg, his assistant, Andre, warns him against it, as he cannot find any information about Stromberg online.

Andre is always over-eager to please Kevin and lacks any sense of boundaries. When he opposes Kevin’s idea, Kevin, convinced that he does not need anyone, fires him. 

Kevin goes to meet Karl Stromberg alone. Karl Stromberg is indeed a dangerous man. He knocks out Kevin and holds him hostage.

When Kevin wakes up, he finds himself in a dark room with a masked man who has been ordered to torture and kill him. 

Kevin somehow manages to defeat his opponent and escape, still believing that he is part of a live-action film with improvised action scenes.

He soon discovers he is not the only one kidnapped; Jordan was also abducted, even though she did not speak to Karl Stromberg about the film. 

The two of them fight their assailants together. When Kevin is shot in the arm, Jordan gets convinced that this is not a film shoot.

Kevin and Jordan then come across a tape revealing that Karl Stromberg was an actor hired to lure Kevin to this place. 

They also find and dispose of a bomb, realizing their kidnapper wants them dead. For now, their kidnapper believes that they died in the blast.

Andre, who has been worried about Kevin, has been waiting in the parking lot all this time. He drives Kevin and Jordan to Kevin’s house, where they are denied entry.

Kevin decides against going to the police to avoid alerting their kidnapper that he is still alive, so Andre takes him and Jordan to his house instead.

There, they meet Andre’s mother and come to know that his father died protecting Richard Pryor, whom he assisted. 

When Kevin hears Andre’s reasons for choosing to be his assistant, Kevin gives him his job back, making Andre extremely happy.

Jordan then reminds Kevin of another person he thoughtlessly fired: his stuntman, Doug. 

Kevin had fired Doug in the middle of a film shoot after feeling jealous about Jordan doing her own stunts. Doug swore to get revenge on Kevin for the disrespect he endured. 

He was the one who got Kevin and Jordan kidnapped, believing that Jordan was also responsible for him losing his job.

Jordan and Andre visit Kevin’s agent to find a solution to their problem. They see Doug there and realize that he has stolen Kevin’s identity. 

Doug already looked like Kevin, so with a few changes, he was able to convince everyone that he was Kevin Hart. 

Doug is now living Kevin’s life, which is why Andre was not allowed entry to Kevin’s house. Kevin must now find a way to get his life back from Doug before Doug discovers that Kevin is alive.

Ending explained:

Doug’s mentor

To get Doug to give up his revenge plot, Kevin has to meet Mr. 206, Doug’s mentor. 206 is a famous stuntman, but he is also a psychopath. 

Kevin and Andre meet 206, and Kevin convinces him to help them instead of killing them by admitting that he treated Doug unfairly and wants to make things right.

206 tells Kevin that he will have to fight Doug to get his life back and offers to train Kevin to win against Doug. 

When 206 briefly leaves Kevin with Andre, Kevin talks to Andre about the scar on 206’s hand and realizes that 206 is the masked man who attacked him during the kidnapping.

Kevin and Andre realize that 206 is also angry at actors for not respecting stuntmen enough and is working with Doug. 

They escape before 206, who has gone to get his weapon, returns. 206 fails to kill Kevin once again.

Defeating 206

Since they will not be getting any help from 206, Kevin, Jordan, Andre, and Andre’s mother come up with a new plan to help Kevin get his life back. 

Under the guise of delivering a package, Andre helps Kevin sneak into his house. Meanwhile, Jordan and Andre’s mother create a distraction for the security guard and take him down.

Andre realizes that he will need tools to get Kevin out of the box he is hiding in. While he is gone to get those tools, 206 cuts open the box and attacks Kevin. 

Kevin fights 206 but stands no chance against a stuntman of his caliber. Fortunately, Jordan comes to his rescue and kills 206 by stabbing him in the head.

Kevin versus Doug

Now that 206 is dead, Kevin’s chances of defeating Doug are better. However, Doug finds Andre and takes him captive. 

To save Andre, Kevin admits to Doug that he messed up when he fired him. He asks Doug to let Andre go and take him instead.

Unwilling to spare anyone, Doug throws Andre from the first floor, causing a knife to become lodged in Andre’s body. 

Kevin now has to fight Doug, who is armed with a sword. Kevin tries to get Doug to forgo his revenge by pleading with him. 

He admits that he was selfish and stupid when he thought he did not need anyone. He tells Doug that he needs him and asks for a chance to redeem himself.

Doug refuses to give him a second chance because he wants to keep Kevin’s life of luxury now that he has everything he needs to be Kevin. 

When Kevin and Jordan fight Doug, an injured Andre comes to their rescue and stabs Doug, leading to Doug’s arrest.

Kevin changes after the ordeal. He now values his team and agrees to do the sequel to his hit film Jefferson’s. 

However, before the film ends, it is revealed that Doug has managed to fool everyone and take Kevin’s place, leaving the real Kevin in prison instead of Doug.

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