DI4RIES ending explained: Does 2D save the school?

DI4RIES follows the lives of the students of the Galileo Galilei middle school, where days go by among a thousand surprises, first crushes, first kisses, beautiful friendships – and quarrels between rivals. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The principal of the Galileo Galilei Middle School informs a group of students that their school is closing down due to a lack of funds. They will be transferring to another school after 15 weeks. The students are quite sad to hear this. 

The students of class 2D do not really get along well with each other but are forced to come together during this crisis.

Pietro is a confident, charming troublemaker. He introduces his other classmates starting with his best friend, Giulio, the class clown. They both make a bet that Pietro has to kiss both Livia and Arianna by the time the school closes. 

Livia is the little miss perfect who is dating Matteo and Arianna is a condescending self-obsessed girl who has a crush on Pietro. 

Pietro does not want to leave the school and often resorts to various means of protest like drawing graffiti on the school’s wall. 

During an argument on the basketball court, Pietro and Matteo challenge each other to a basketball match to decide who is the hero of the school. This turns into a match between class 2D and 3D.

Isabella, the headstrong, friendly girl also joins the basketball team of class 2D. She wants to have her first kiss and impress Daniele, who is also on the team. However, Daniele tells her he is gay and likes Mirko.

The first match takes place between the two classes and 2D loses. However, a rematch is agreed upon.

Daniele confesses his feelings to Mirko but Mirko suggests that they should just be friends and begins ignoring Daniele from that point onwards.

Daniele asks Isabella for advice and eventually, Livia joins in to help along with Monica, who is the class topper. The four of them grow closer together and become good friends.

Giulio likes Arianna but Pietro is successful in his bet and kisses her. Arianna now thinks they are together. He finally tells her they should just be friends.

The rematch takes place and this time 2D gets the upper hand.

Pietro has feelings for Livia and often gets jealous when he sees her with Matteo. Livia is unhappy and has trouble deciding between the two as she’s with Matteo but secretly likes Pietro.

Daniele and Mirko patch things up while on a field trip and are back to being good friends. It is also revealed that Daniele is dating someone named Nico. 

The class makes an effort to protest the school’s closure by circulating a petition around but it is not impactful. They often try reasoning with the principal but that does not work either.

Monica and Giulio are often at each other’s throats but the teacher clubs them together to study since Monica can help the lazy Giulio to get serious about his studies. She realises he has dyslexia and helps him through it leading them to become friends.

Pietro is suspended because he is falsely accused of vandalisation. The true culprit behind the graffiti was actually Matteo. Monica devises a plan to catch him while Livia learns of Matteo’s transgressions and breaks up with him for good. 

Giulio starts visiting a learning specialist and in the office he sees Arianna. With time, she turns soft on him and they start dating. Arianna, previously patronising and rude, slowly becomes friendly with the class as well. 

Pietro confesses his feelings for Livia but she friendzones him. He is also unhappy because his parents split up.

In the final basketball match, 2D wins following which Livia and Pietro’s feelings are out in the open as they share a kiss. However, some unexpected drama arises that causes problems between them. 

In the end, the whole class comes together to save the school. They plan a protest in the hopes of being successful and saving their school.

Di4ries ending explained in detail:

What is 2D’s plan to save the school?

The class decides to occupy the school in a sit-in as a form of protest. They all come together to plan how to go on about it.

On the last day, the students don’t leave the school premises and lock their classrooms from the inside. They begin chanting, protesting, and making posters. The teachers decide to call in their parents as a deterrent.

The students make a banner with spray paint and lower it down from the windows with the message on the banner proclaiming “Students First.”

What happens to Pietro and Livia?

Matteo overhears Guilio and Pietro talking about the bet in the washroom. Guilio tells Pietro that he should thank him as it is because of the bet that Livia is with him instead of Guilio.

Matteo records this on his phone and sends the recording to Livia during the class protest.

Livia feels angry and betrayed, and she decides to leave the protest. However, she ultimately comes back and joins the class after having a change of heart.

Are Livia and Pietro still together?

Livia leaves the protest after listening to the recording that Matteo sent her. She confronts Pietro about the bet but he is not able to give a satisfying explanation. She feels betrayed and tells him that he is even worse than Matteo.

Pietro seems hurt to hear this but she leaves abruptly.

When she rejoins the protest, she tells him that they will talk about what happened later. There is clearly some tension between them but their right now appears to be saving the school.

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