Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time ending explained: What is Rei Furuya’s wish?

Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time is a spin-off based on the original Detective Conan series. It revolves around the everyday life of Rei Furuya, who juggles different roles in the world. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Rei Furuya is introduced under his alias Tooru Amuro, a waiter at Cafe Poirot and a private detective under the tutelage of Kogoro Mouri, Ran’s father.

He is shown to be working at the cafe alongside Azusa Enomoto, who seems concerned about him juggling so many roles in life; working under Mouri, being a waiter at Poirot and being a private detective.

In truth, she does not understand the true extent of it. Rei is also an agent working for the Public Security Bureau (PBS) as well as an undercover member of the shady ‘Black Organisation’ under the codename ‘Bourbon’.

Later, he thinks to himself that he could play a hundred roles and put on a thousand faces but the thought of finding Shuichi Akai is always on his mind.

Kazami, one of his colleagues at the PBS has been slacking lately and Rei urges him to catch up on his sleep and eat better.

Rei thinks to himself how a man as great as Shuichi could leave a fellow member to die. This refers to a former member of the Black Organisation, Hiromitsu Morofushi, codenamed Scotch, who was apparently left to die by Shuichi, who was also a member with the codename Rye.

He also finds a stray puppy and asks to identify if anybody had lost one.

Rei chases and apprehends a criminal who injured a cop. Kazami tells him about it later but he acts unaware.

The two eat spicy curry later, with Kazami’s dish being extra spicy. The latter is left in a frenzy due to how spicy it is. Rei notices that the dish is actually ‘spicier than extra spicy’.

Cafe Poirot delivers ham sandwiches to Yoko Okino, the host of the ninja reality show ‘Hanzo’. One of the staff members tries to steal her bag but Rei catches on to his act.

The staff member, who created the obstacle course for the show, uses it to escape, but Rei completes it while he falls midway. The member is caught and nobody is able to clear the course when the show airs.

A kid wants Azusa to teach him how to ride a bike but she sends Rei with him instead. The kid thinks Rei is too cool for this but he turns out to be considerate.

He successfully teaches the kid how to ride a bike which is reminiscent of how he was himself taught by Elena Miyano, a now deceased biochemist at the Black Organisation, during his childhood.

When FBI agent Andre Camel arrives at Rei’s cafe to kill time before an important meeting, he acts rude but nudges him to leave. Camel later realises he did it to help him as a fireworks festival would have blocked his way to the meeting.

The puppy Rei encountered before has been following him. He nurses it and parts ways but it still keeps following him. Fed up, he angrily asks it to go but remembers an incident with Elena and decides to adopt it.

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What happens at the parade?

When Rei and Azusa visit a parade filled with people, the latter goes to take a better look. Rei notices a thief trying to steal a purse.

To make matters worse, the criminal holds a baby hostage and tries to escape. Zero predicts his movements and tracks him down.

Using his exceptional skills, he bests the thief in a fight while holding the baby in one hand. After the scuffle, he remarks on how courageous the baby is, still laughing even after the chaos.

Looking at the incident, even Kazami remarks that Rei’s abilities are so great that he almost seems to be a character from a cartoon.

What does Rei name his dog?

After getting the dog vaccinated, Rei realises that he is yet to find a suitable name for it. He ponders over it later at home.

The dog seems to be fond of Rei’s music. He reveals that he taught himself how to play the guitar so he could join along with Scotch, who also played it.

Rei plays a song for the dog and wonders whether he could name it after musical notes and decides to combine the Japanese names for the chords ‘C’ and ‘B’, ‘Ha’ and ‘Ro’; naming it Haro Amuro.

What is the wish Rei wants to fulfil?

After the credits roll, Rei goes on an outing with his friends and thinks about how nice it is to be able to do this every now and then.

He suddenly remembers Scotch and starts training. He catches five petals, exactly the number cherry blossoms consist of, making him believe his wish will come true.

He remembers his teenage days with other members of the Black Organisation, including Hiromitsu and Shuichi. His wish is to kill Shuchi and avenge his friend.

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