Delhi Crime season 2 ending explained: Does Vartika catch the Kachcha Baniyan gang?

Delhi Crime season once again focuses on DCP Vartika Chaturvedi and the Delhi Police as they are faced with the re-emergence of a gang that has not been active in several years. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.

Plot summary

Four elderly citizens are brutally murdered during a home invasion in the South Delhi district and when DCP Vartika and her team get a good look at the crime scene, they recognize it as the M.O. of the Kachcha Baniyan Gang that was heavily active in the ’90s.

The CCTV footage in the house shows a group of people in boxers and undershirts breaking into the house and carrying out the murders after which they rob the house of all its valuables.

They try to keep things under wraps so that the city doesn’t panic but somehow the footage leaks to the press and the police are vilified by the media. Vartika faces pressure from the commissioner to find out the source of the leak.

The Kachcha Baniyan gang mostly consisted of Denotified Tribes or DNTs and for this reason, the commissioner suggests that Vartika get help from a retired SHO, Viren Chaddha, who has experience capturing members of the gang.

Viren turns out to be a bigot who has a negative bias towards the DNTs and believes that none of them is innocent. With the help of some officers, he goes to the DNT camp and rounds up as many people as he can including women and children.

Vartika and her team aren’t comfortable with his ways but they go along with it nonetheless. They find out that two tribals, Jugnu and Azad, were near the crime scene a few days before it happened. Jugnu and Azad deny any involvement in the murders.

When they’re taken to the hospital for a medical examination, they manage to escape but they return a few days later with a celebrity lawyer who offered to represent them. The lawyer claims that he can prove they weren’t involved in the murders and lets the police corroborate the evidence.

Even though Jugnu and Azad are proved innocent, the commissioner insists that Vartika present them as suspects in front of the media to take some heat off but Vartika goes against his orders and states in a press conference that DNTs are no longer suspects in the case.

Vartika and her team go over everything else with a different perspective to see if they missed anything.

The real killers are revealed to be a group of regular people pretending to be the Kachcha Baniyang gang. Among them is a woman who appears to have some experience working at a beauty parlour.

Neeti looks over the bank statements and finds out that more than one victim visited the same beauty parlour but even with that link, she doesn’t get a concrete lead.

The police do find the lead in the form of a locket that was stolen from one of the crime scenes. It was sold to a small-time jeweller and their investigation leads them to an unruly old woman who is the grandmother of one of the members of the gang, Pawan Gulati aka Guddu.

Then other members plan to go out on yet another heist just as the police are following Guddu and they apprehend him. However, just before he’s taken in, he fires off a shot in fear and it hits Inspector Bhupendra in the chest.

As he’s being taken to the hospital they drive past they unknowingly drive past the house the gang is robbing which spooks them into running away.

Delhi Crime season 2 ending explained in detail:

Who are the other members of the gang?

Questioning Guddu, they get the names of the other members of the gang, Babloo, Thermal and Karishma. Neeti tells Vartika that she came across the name Karishma while investigating the beauty parlour so that gives them a solid lead.

Neeti tries to get more information on Karishma while the police also get a picture of Babloo and Thermal from Guddu’s phone and confirm their identities.

Why does the gang argue?

Thermal isn’t able to find the 40 lakhs that they had collected from all the heists they had carried out and immediately casts his suspicions on Karishma.

She tells them that she used the money to put down a deposit on a space she plans to open a beauty parlour in. Babloo and Thermal are angry at her because that money included their shares as well and they tell her to get it back but she refuses.

They pin her down to find out where they can get the money back but when they turn their backs, Karishma grabs a hammer and kills both of them. She leaves the place just as the police arrive to investigate.

Who is Karishma?

With one in custody and two dead, the police begin digging into Karishma’s identity in the hopes of finding and catching her. They go to the beauty parlour where she worked and find out that Karishma attended to the first victim exclusively.

They also find out that the number she was using is registered to a Lata Kumari and go to the address attached to it. There they find a man and his son alone. He tells them that her real name is Lata Solanki and she was his wife.

She left him six months ago because she wanted a better life. They get similar information from the beauty parlour where she worked nearby.

How do the police catch Karishma?

After hitting a roadblock in the investigation, Vartika visits Bhupendra who is recovering at the hospital. She tells him that Karishma hasn’t left any traces of where she might be but Bhupendra says that she’s probably hiding somewhere.

He insists that she look back at the evidence once again to be sure. After going through her call records, they find some calls made to a restaurant at odd times. When they question the owner, he says that Karishma asked him for a room on rent and he gave it to her.

They go to the address with a full team and after a short chase through the streets, Vartika captures Karishma.

What happens to Vartika?

When Vartika questions Karishma about her motives, Karishma says that all she did was ask for things nicely but when people didn’t give them to her and treated her with contempt, she decided to take things by force.

After informing the daughter of the first victim that they caught the criminal, Vartika makes a statement in front of the press that they solved the case and have two in custody.

The commissioner calls her to congratulate her and then informs her that she has been promoted to DIG and along with that promotion comes a transfer to a remote place, a likely punishment for going against the orders of her superiors.

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